Nusa Caña Launches Batavia Arrack ‘Godfather’


Nusa Caña, an Indonesian rum brand, has launched an arrack called Godfather, announcing that 1,002 bottles will be released on the global market.

The launch of the new Batavia arrack coincided with national rum day (16th August) The drink is a spirit made from sugar cane and red rice, a precursor to Indonesian rum. Arrack is a historical term for alcohol distilled from coconut flower sap, fruits, flowers, grain or sugarcane across South East Asia, India and Sri Lanka.

Discussing the new drink, co-founder of Nusa Caña Sam Jeveons said: 

“The Godfather is a celebration of Batavia arrack, our first limited edition series paying tribute to the forgotten role Indonesia played in the (hi)story of rum.

“A high-strength blend of 100% pot still Batavia arrack with a robust flavour and unique character we believe worthy of the spirits heritage. We made the Godfather with passion for those passionate about rum.”

To make the spirit, Indonesian sugarcane molasses and dried red rice are crushed into a powder before being slowly fermented. Twice-distilled in steel pot stills, the liquid is then aged for  18 months in teak wood barrels.

The resulting expression is ‘lightly honeyed’ in colour, with notes of fragrant grass and tropical fruits.

With just over 1,000 bottles produced for global release, the 60% ABV bottling is described as a collectible by the brand. The inspiration for the name of the Batavia arrack derives from it being ‘the godfather to the rum world’.

Godfather will be released to the UK market in September, for an RRP of £45 (US$62.39) via ten-locks.com.

For more information, head over to Nusa Cana’s official website.