Nikka Kicks Off Discovery Series With Two Limited Edition Single Malts

Nikka Kicks Off Discovery Series With Two Limited Edition Single Malts

Nikka Whisky has launched two limited edition expressions to kick off its Discovery series, Yoichi Single Malt Non‐Peated and Miyagikyo Single Malt Peated. Both Japanese whiskies are non‐chill-filtered and limited to 20,000 bottles each worldwide.

Bottled at 47% ABV, Yoichi is made from unpeated malt whiskies. The result delicately balances fruitiness with a rich mouth feel, alongside a “distinctive smokiness.”

Bottled at 48% ABV, Miyagikyo is crafted from batches of peated malt whiskies, and showcases a combination of peaty notes, boldness, and an aftertaste that boasts a signature estery hint.

“It is an exciting process – like treasure hunting – to try various whisky batches from our vast reserve guided by Nikka blenders, and to create together products that embody the ‘Discovery’ concept,” said Emiko Kaji, Nikka Whisky international business development manager.

Kaji added: “The release of Nikka Discovery limited editions 2021 is the initial step to further showcase the depth of Nikka’s whisky-making developed over the years, and also our attempt to keep progressing and share more excitements with our valued customers around the world.”

The whiskies are designed to challenge the preconceived reputation of single malts, as well as surprise connoisseurs.

Both whiskies are available to buy in global markets, for €245 each in France, or $279 in the US. For more information, head over to Nikka’s official website.

In May, we caught up with Emiko Kaj to discuss the brand’s “everyday” whisky, Nikka Days

Last year, Nikki launched Yoichi Apple Brandy Finish and Miyagikyo Apple Brandy Finish. The limited edition expressions were created to commemorate the 100th wedding anniversary of the Japanese distiller’s founders, Masataka Takesturu and Jessie Roberta (Rita) Cowan.