Next Frontier Acquires Non-Alcoholic Spirits Brand Fluère

Next Frontier Acquires Non-Alcoholic Spirits Brand Fluére

Next Frontier Brands has acquired non-alcoholic spirits producer Fluère. The price of the purchase was not disclosed.

Produced in the Netherlands, the Fluère range includes the Original, Spiced Cane Dark Roast, Raspberry Blend, and Smoked Agave expressions. The products are available in more than 30 markets, including the United States, United Kingdom, and Asia.

“Fluère is the category leader in distilled non-alcoholic ‘spirits’,” said Jason Roth, co-founder and chief strategy officer for Next Frontier Brands. “Fluere’s products provide consumers with a great-tasting non-alcoholic alternative to traditional distilled spirits, and positions Next Frontier Brands to compete effectively at the intersection of beverage and wellness.”

Fluère will be sold through the Next Frontier Brands global distribution network.

“Fluère is rapidly establishing itself as a leader in the distilled non-alcoholic ‘spirits’ category,” said Leon Meijers, founder and CEO of Fluère. “We have created a suite of non-alcoholic beverages that deliver an exceptional experience to the sophisticated consumer.”

The acquisition of Fluère marks the seventh addition to Next Frontier’s range of drinks and wellness brands over the last eight months. 

In addition, Next Frontier Brands named former Amber Beverage Group (ABG) CEO Seymour Ferreira as CEO of global beverages. “Seymour Ferreira is one of the most highly experienced, accomplished and reputable executives in the European beverage industry,” said Roth. “As CEO of our global beverage group, his strategic experience, global distribution networks and commitment to excellence will help Next Frontier Brands reach its aggressive goals, and further establish itself as a best-in-class organisation.”

“Next Frontier Brands is shaping the future of innovative beverage and wellness brands,” said Ferreira. “As CEO of the company’s global beverage group, my mission is to deliver exceptional experiences for our customers and consumers by creating new standards for beverage innovation and distribution networks.”

Headquartered in Colorado, Next Frontier produces CBD products including CBD-infused Muhu Gin, and the Quindness and Human Qind skincare brands.