Moët & Chandon Announces Plastic Waste Recycling Partnership


Moët & Chandon has shared news of a new partnership with sustainable corporate merchandise producer Reborn. The relationship hands all plastic waste recycling from 40 on-trade venues across central London to Reborn.

The trade venues, which include the Connaught Hotel and Park Lane Intercontinental, will be served by Reborn’s fleet of electric vehicles which will gather all of the Champagne house’s plastic waste.

This plastic will be shredded and turned into recycled polyethylene terephthalate pellets (RPET) before being spun into yarns at Reborn’s own textile mill. The yarn produced from this process will then be used to make Moët & Chandon uniforms and point of sale merchandise.

It was in 2019 when Moët & Chandon began working with Reborn, when it commissioned the company to create a bespoke summer jacket for its ambassadors during summer sponsored events. The Champagne house’s former head of partnerships, Simon Hibbitt, was so inspired by Reborn’s work that he moved from Moët Hennessy to work with the company full time.

Speaking of Reborn and his new role within the company, Mr Hibbitt, said: “I have passionately enjoyed 17 years within Moët Hennessy. It was an honour to represent the brands within this very exciting channel, to be able to attend meet and make friends within the Iconic venues was a dream that will remain some of my most fond memories.

“However, a big challenge at all of these events is balancing the client experience in a sustainable way. Sheer volumes of people and health and safety requirements led to plastic being the most appropriate material to deliver consistent and safe drinks. Seeing the aftermath for many years has been a constant concern and I have championed the move away from single use plastic at Moët Hennessy spaces in this channel.”

Reborn founder Zak Johnson said: “I am delighted to be working with Moët Hennessy. The last year has seen consumers and companies readdress the importance of sustainability. With no events taking place, corporate plastic waste has reduced hugely and as excited as we all are for events to return, companies are revaluating how to keep their plastic pollution to minimum. 

“At Reborn, we will take all plastic waste from these venues and repurpose them into Moët’s own uniforms and POS merchandise.”