Moët & Chandon And NBA Unite All-Star Team For Greatness Under Pressure Campaign

Moët & Chandon And NBA Unite All-Star Team For Greatness Under Pressure Campaign

Moët & Chandon has announced the launch of its Greatness Under Pressure campaign, bringing together 10-time NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony, four-time WNBA champion Sue Bird, legendary jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills and fashion designer Don C.

Each partner was selected for their unique representation of Greatness Under Pressure. Created in partnership with Portland-based independent creative agency, KAMP GRIZZLY, the campaign assets highlight the four luminaries within individual video segments as they tell their stories, with nods to their careers and greatest achievements woven into the set and dialogue.

A wine lover and connoisseur, Anthony represents resilience, determination, and perseverance. As a top-10 all-time NBA scorer, Anthony is driven by his desire to succeed and create a better life for himself, his family, and generations to come, giving back to the community through his many off-court endeavors including the Carmelo Anthony Foundation and the Social Change Fund’s outreach programs and donations. As a board member of the National Basketball Social Justice Coalition, he remains a leading voice in the league and in the larger ongoing fight for social justice today.

“Greatness is earned, not inherited. My hope is that through this campaign, people will realize that it’s our character, our community, and the obstacles we overcome that make us truly great,” says Anthony.

Another star of the campaign, WNBA’s all-time assist leader Bird represents dedication to her craft on and off the court, having honed her skills to become the world’s premier point guard, while also advocating for equality across historically underrepresented groups, universal health, and wellness, and expanding opportunities for young women in sports through mentorship programs.

Moët & Chandon And NBA Unite All-Star Team For Greatness Under Pressure Campaign - Sue Bird

“For me, how you handle the lead-up to a championship is what’s important,” says Bird. “It’s the hard work, discipline and time you put in that define greatness. Of course, with all of this comes taking time to celebrate the milestone moments, no matter how big or small.”

Returning Moët & Chandon partner and designer, Don C., known for his brand, Just Don, has paved his own road to success by staying true to his passion and creativity. He is inspired by the teamwork and greatness exemplified by those around him, especially as exhibited by professional NBA players. A longtime fan of Moët & Chandon and partner from the brand’s 2019 Nectar of the Culture campaign, Don’s ethos reflects the dedication and perseverance that Moët & Chandon highlights within this new campaign.

As a loyal partner of the NBA and trusted jeweler to athletes across the globe, Jason captures the essence of dedication, craftsmanship and resilience through one piece of art – the championship ring — as the final celebration of a player’s journey to career success. Jason also paved his own road, following his passion and remaining committed in his craft to become one of the most successful celebrity jewelers.

“This campaign is a true labor of love and excitement for the future of sport, entertainment, and celebration, with legendary personalities that we admire in every sense of the word,” said Anne-Sophie Stock, U.S. Vice President at Moët & Chandon. “Each luminary has had a unique career path, and we are elevating their stories knowing that Moët & Chandon, as well as the NBA, have a shared history of rising to greatness in the face of high-pressure moments. In this campaign, we not only highlight the crowning moments, but we celebrate the journey, including all of the obstacles and accomplishments we achieve along the way.”

As a brand that has long been a part of the NBA’s most illustrious celebrations, Moët & Chandon remains the go-to champagne to elevate at-home viewing during the 2021 NBA Playoffs.

Moët & Chandon encourages basketball fans and champagne-enthusiasts alike to discover their own moments of greatness and achievement every day.

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