Milk & Honey, Israel’s First Whisky, Will Arrive In America This August

Israel’s first Whisky, Milk & Honey, is finally coming to America

Israel’s first Whisky, Milk & Honey, is finally coming to America. The Tel Aviv-based distillery makes over ten different spirits, including five different Whisky expressions, but it’s their Classic Single Malt Whisky that built their reputation and it’ll be available across the United States this August.

Founded in 2012, M&H Whisky Distillery is on the forefront of Whisky’s new heat movement, which finds distillers producing the golden spirit in decidedly hot climates. Warm and humid climates make Whisky mature more rapidly and more readily absorbs flavors given off by a given barrel.

Milk & Honey ages their Classic Single Malt in ex-Bourbon and red-wine shaved, toasted, and re-charred (STR) casks. It’s matured under the heat of the Tel Aviv Sun, where it becomes its well-balanced self and features flavors unique to its terroir.

On the nose, the Classic Single Malt presents aromas of gentle vanilla sweetness followed by light oak and floral notes. The palate is light in body with vanilla, carama, and honest sweetness, balanced by wood and black pepper. The finish is short, yet elegant with lingering notes of oak and a light spiciness.

“M&H Distillery fills approximately 800 barrels a year, so by 2021, the distillery will be producing over a quarter of a million bottles around the world,” CEO Eitan Attir said in a press statement. “We work vigorously and plan years in advance to offer the world a new single malt whisky from Tel Aviv. We are honored and excited to start our US journey, and we look forward to meeting the American consumer and introducing them to our quality spirits.”

If you’re looking to give the new warm weather Whisky movement a try, Milk & Honey Classic Single Malt will be hitting shelves in 20 states across America, including New York, California, Florida, Illinois, and Washington, this August. L’Chaim.