Milestone Beverages Debuts Onikishi Japanese Whisky

Onikishi Japanese Whisky

Milestone Beverages has unveiled a blended Japanese Whisky, named Onikishi. The Hong Kong-based company noted about the category its entering, “Japanese Whisky has become a beacon of perfection in a world steeped in mystery. Taking the amber nectar from dark smoky rooms to a culture known for immaculate execution, infinite hospitality and ground-breaking innovation.”

Onikishi derives its name from the Japanese words “Oni” meaning demon and “Kishi” meaning knight. According to the brand, “Onikishi charts a path through the tapestry of Japan, an eternal spirit that will evolve through the ages, always pioneering while keeping deeply rooted in its traditions, defending the honour of the noble liquid and keeping alive The Enduring Essence of Japan.”

The Whisky is made using spirit matured in American white oak barrels. The blend is described as “a splendid modern dram” and can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail.

On the nose, a woody body from American white oak nuanced by honey tones gives way to a heathery and myrtle floral scent touched by citrus. The palate features an immediate rush of honey and vanilla, which gives way to a more robust caramel that coats the mouth and makes way through the mid palate to a warmer cedar smoke. The finish features a refreshing kick of yuzu zest that contrasts the opening sweetness to end as it begins, on a woody note.

‍Bottled at 43% ABV, Onikishi has initially launched in Hong Kong and China and is priced at HK$498 ($64 USD). The Whisky is aso set to roll out across Australia and Europe.

In other Japanese Whisky news, two years after being discontinued, Hakushu 12 Year is set to return to shelves in Japan on March 30. The news of the Japanese Whisky’s reemergence follows the announcement that Suntory will also be releasing new, limited edition Hibiki and Yamazaki Whiskies in May.