Mijenta Tequila Is Helping To Protect Whales In Guerrero


Award-winning company, Mijenta which makes sustainable and artisanal tequila in the highlands of Jalisco, is joining forces with Whales of Guerrero, a charity which aims to help educate and facilitate community driven conservation in the region. The ambition is to promote environmental best-practices that will bring the state’s oceans back to a healthy balance.

Whales of Guerrero organizes community driven conservation in the fishing village of Barra de Potosí and the Southwest Pacific state of Guerrero, where humpback whales arrive each year to reproduce. The organization pioneers an innovative approach to coastal protection –  supporting healthy oceans and marine stewardship through education, training and conservation programs and humpback whale research. 

The mission of the organization is to transform the relationship between people and nature by creating programs that inspire change and empower one another to foster change.

Speaking on the new partnership Elise Som, Mijenta’s co-founder and director of sustainability said:

“Mijenta chose to partner with the Whales of Guerrero organization as sustainable, environmental and social issues are at the core of our brand.” 

“We share the same commitment to preserve the environment and to educate key stakeholders on important topics such as marine and land conservation, sustainable tourism and reduction of the carbon footprint. This is a cause near and dear to our hearts.” 

Co-founded by one of the most trusted, respected and awarded tequila authorities in Mexico with over 25 years in the industry, Maestra Tequilera Ana Maria Romero Mena designed and oversaw the entire creation process, from harvest to bottle. Drinks industry veteran Juan Coronado joined the team shortly thereafter as lead mixologist. Coronado began his hospitality career as the champagne sommelier for the prestigious Bubble Lounge in New York and San Francisco, and most recently served as the cocktail innovator for Think Food Group, led by Chef Jose Andres, and the lead liaison for the research and development team.

Their leadership is a welcome sign at a time in which the tequila market is flooded with celebrity-backed brands with lots of money but little substance.

Mijenta Blanco, the company’s first release, is bright and clear with honey, vanilla, caramel and floral notes, along with flashes of tropical fruits like peach, melon, pineapple and light touches of soursop. Launched in December 2020, Mijenta’s Reposado is aged to six months in a blend of American white oak, French oak and French acacia casks for a robust body and a mellow lingering palate. Two more expressions will be announced in the future.

The Mijenta team is committed to ensuring the company is a carbon neutral operation, and they share this dedication to sustainability with other organizations that are looking to build a healthier environment. In 2020, Mijenta offset 25 kg of CO2 emissions per bottle sold, reducing levels of deforestation. All paper-related components of the bottle and packaging are made from agave waste, and the spirit is produced with zero pesticides or herbicides.

In addition, the Mijenta Foundation was created to support local members of the community – such as Don José Amezola García, a third generation jimador, and his son – in the protection and preservation of their ancestral skills. Mijenta works hand in hand with local businesses and communities, directly re-investing a portion of profits, offering healthcare and assistance for team members and their families.

Speaking on the new partnership Katherina Audley, founder and director of Whales of Guerrero said:

“We are delighted and deeply grateful for Mijenta Tequila’s support. Thanks to Mijenta, we can continue to connect people with nature to help whales, dolphins, and the entire ecosystem to thrive.”

For more information, check out Mijenta’s official website.