Midas Touch: Liquid Gold Alcohol Unveils 24 Carat Gin Made With Liquid Gold

24 Carat Gin

Move over Goldschlager, there’s a new golden spirit in town and it’s called 24 Carat Gin. Created by Liquid Gold Alcohol, the adult beverage actually contains liquid 24-carat gold. Why? Because this isn’t just a Gin, it’s an “exclusive lifestyle.”

24 Carat Gin is made with a variety of botanicals, including lavender, anise seed, and, obviously, juniper and gold, as well as a host of others. It puts to use the time honored tradition of consuming gold, which a variety of ancient cultures claimed had immense health benefits.

“Gold has been used for consumption by the wisest and most successful people since time immemorial. In ancient Alexandria, 5000 years ago, it was considered a very beneficial mineral for medicinal and healing purposes. At that time, it was believed to stimulate the life force and boost the vibration level. Today, studies have shown that it is a unique trace mineral supplement with extraordinary features, which provides incredible value, significantly increasing the performance of our mind and body, and promoting a positive mood.” David Connor, the creator of 24 Carat Gin. explains.

24 Carat Gin isn’t just for anybody. It’s a “premium and exclusive product for the most discerning clients with the finest palate,” says Connor. “24 Carat Gin is a magic alcohol drink that combines an exquisite dry gin with the delightful touch of real 24-carat liquid gold.”

“The key to our success lies in the details,” says Connor. “Our gorgeous blend of selected botanicals from around the planet is performed with perfect precision to ensure that the touch of flavour that remains deliciously attached to the sides of your mouth will make you beg for one more sip. Crystal clear waters and exotic botanicals collaborating artistically in hand-beaten copper still. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to distil pure 24-carat gold into our distinguished beverage. This divine flavour will be lovingly and carefully bottled in a unique serial numbered bottle, constituting a one-of-a-kind elixir ready to dull your senses.” 

If you’re interested in getting some of this golden spirit for yourself, head over to the brand’s official website.