Melody Lounge

melody lounge

Blink and you’ll miss Melody Lounge, the cocktail and craft brew-focused drinkery that sits a short walk from Dodgers Stadium in Chinatown. The exterior is understated, marked by an unlit sign and a chalkboard, but on the inside, red paper lanterns float across the ceiling and the cozy bar warms in rich crimson.

Originally opened as a craft beer bar over five years ago, Melody Lounge received their full liquor license in 2018 and quickly implemented a cocktail program. While concentration remains on the classics when it comes to stirring or shaking things up, there are a couple of signature cocktails available, and bartenders always seem to be doing R&D in an effort to come up with the next addition to the menu. 

Nonetheless, Melody Lounge is the type of place where imbibers should chill out and just enjoy the atmosphere. Consider ordering a gin and tonic or dive into the bar’s impressive list of beers. They have 18 drafts, which include 15 West Coast craft beers on tap, a nitro line, and two wines – Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. They also have an immense selection of bottled beers, which come from around the globe.

Melody Lounge’s sister bars include Echo Park’s The Short Stop and Footsies in Cypress Park, and it comes with the same attention to tradition and detail that those bars are known for. Music comes from a record player, making conversation easy, and the bar is open till 2am every night. It opens at 5pm every day except Saturdays, when they begin serving at 2pm. 

For the most part, Melody Lounge delivers a laid back experience, perfect for conversation and relaxation. On Sundays, however, the bar gets pack with a karaoke ready crowd.

Those looking to bask under paper lanterns with records spinning and a good brew in hand, will be thrilled to sidle up to the bar at Melody Lounge.

melody lounge exterior

Find It Here:
939 N Hill St. 
Los Angeles, CA 90012