Marussia Beverages USA Replaces Niche Import Co

Marussia Beverages USA Replaces Niche Import Co

Niche Import Co has changed its name to Marussia Beverages USA. The rebranding of Marussia Beverages Group’s U.S. arm will take effect immediately and aims to “strengthen” the company’s global footprint.

Founded in 2004 by Dr. Frederik Paulsen, Marussia Beverages Group is headquartered in The Netherlands. Today the multinational corporation includes nearly 1,000 employees in 10 core markets serving importers in 40 countries.

“It has long been our mission to build and develop distribution channels in the highly lucrative U.S. market that can pave the way for high quality imported brands,” said Etienne de Salins, CEO Marussia Beverages Group. “Our new name not only reflects the strength, business acumen and passion for our industry that is indicative of the Marussia Beverages Group, but is also a signal to the market that we are an important part of a global network of specialty spirit, wine and sake brands.”

Etienne de Salins added, “We are confident that our U.S. team will continue to shape Marussia Beverages USA into a national player.  It is fueled by an exceptional sales and marketing team with extensive experience in the spirits industry. Their proven track record of launching and building brands has built deep relationships with our customers, an important factor in growing our portfolio.”

In October 2020, Marussia Beverages launched two new Japanese spirits in the USA, Hatozaki Japanese Whisky and 135°EAST Gin.

In April of last year, Marussia Beverages acquired a controlling stake in Siberia’s oldest operating distillery, Itkulsky. The deal will help Marussia Beverages to double Mamont Vodka’s share in the Russian market by mid-2021.

Marissa Beverages USA launches with over 20 spirits brands in its portfolio, including Mozart Chocolate Liqueurs, Barenjager Honey Liqueurs, Mamont Vodka, Mossburn Scotch Whiskies, STROH Rums, Schladerer Fruit Brandies, and Clos Martin Armagnac, to name a few. It also imports various wines and sakes.