Maria Caxuxa

Maria Caxuxa

Loud bars packed with drunk twentysomethings fill Lisbon’s Bairro Alto, but Maria Caxuxa plays a haven for those looking to have relaxed conversation in a hip, easygoing setting. Located in a former bakery, the bar’s crowd leans young, but is mellow. Mismatched vintage furniture creates a variety of warm spaces and a wood-burning oven as well as vintage machinery pay homage to the bar’s history as a cake factory.

Neon in various colors lights the space. Maps cover the walls and globes bars add a kitschy worldliness to the place. There are cozy corners for intimate conversation, and it’s not a surprise to see groups of people huddled over board games. A few nights per week bring DJs, which means the place becomes more of a dance party. Nonetheless, the vibe in Maria Caxuxa remains calm and respectful, in comparison to the madness just outside the door.

A large list of straightforward cocktails fills the drink menu, along with plenty of wine and beer options. This is the kind of place where one should keep their order simple, so it’s best to stick with the classic like a Capirinha or a Gin & Tonic. The prices are reasonable and the service is quick, which is rate to find in Bairro Alto on a Saturday night.

A small menu of food options are perfect for nibbling while playing a board game or to prepare your stomach for a late night. Choices range from small options like chips, olives, and peanuts to more hearty tomato and goat cheese sandwiches.

If you find yourself and Bairro Alto and would prefer a mellow night rather than the usual drunken shenanigans, Maria Caxuxa is the perfect spot. The atmosphere is easygoing and the space is perfect for intimate conversation. A plethora of drink options as well as a variety of snacks make it an easy space to spend hours with friends over a game or just chatting.

Find It Here:
Rua da Barroca, 12
1200-050 Lisboa, Portugal