LVMH Unveils Eminente Premium Cuban Rum

LVMH Eminente Premium Cuban Rum

LVMH has unveiled the latest addition to its Wine & Spirits division, Eminente Premium Cuban Rum. Cuba’s rich terroir, a tradition of quality sugar cane, and the expertise of generations of Rum Masters combine to make the new offering synonymous with an exceptional spirits experience in the Rum category.

Locals often refer to Cuba as Isla del Cocodrilo due to its crocodile-like shape. For over a century, the island has been known for superb quality Rum, and thus the reptile served as a natural inspiration for the logo on the Eminente bottle, whose ribbed glass resembles the skin of a crocodile.

To create an authentic Cuban rum, LVMH turned to César Marti, Cuba’s youngest Maestro Ronero (Rum Master) and a member of a family specialized in sugar who grew up surrounded by sugar cane fields in Villa Clara province in the center of the island. Eminente expresses the terroir of the heart of Cuba, joined by the best of neighboring regions. Like occidente, or Western-style Rum made near Havana, Eminente is perfect for cocktails. And like oriente, or Eastern-style Rum, it is ideal for sipping.

Possessing a harmonious balance that is at the same time robust, smooth, and complex, this new Cuban rum expresses the art of blending aguardientes, or eaux-de-vie, mastered by César Marti. High-quality molasses from sugar cane is distilled to 75% ABV, creating subtle Cuban eaux-de-vie with rich aromas. They are aged in ex-Whisky white oak barrels.

To give them vitality, the aguardientes are then blended with light Cuban rum of 95% ABV and then aged again, generally for a minimum of seven years. With 70% older aguardientes, the Eminente blend is the most aged of all Cuban rums.

“Our spirits brands cultivate excellence in viticulture, distilling, selecting eaux-de-vie, ageing and blending,” says Philippe Schaus, President and CEO of Moët Hennessy. “We are proud to draw on our 250 years of experience to create an exceptional new Cuban rum.”.

The new Eminente premium Cuban Rum is available at selected beverage retailers, hotels, restaurants and bars in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the Czech Republic, as well as on the official website.