Licor 43 Unveils Carajillo RTD

carajillo 43

Zamora Company has shared the news of an addition to it’s ready-to-drink (RTD) Licor 43 range, a coffee-flavoured beverage to celebrate the liqueur brand’s 75th anniversary, called Carajillo 43. (A carajillo is a hot coffee drink to which alcohol is added.)

Available for sale from April, and priced at RRP MXN$69 ($3.50 USD) in Mexico, New Carajillo 43 combines Licor 43 with 100% Mexican Arabica coffee. Bottled at 10% ABV, the new cocktail will be available in 285ml bottles. 

To create the characteristic foam that sits at the head of the Carajillo consumers are invited to shake the bottle before serving the drink, which can be consumed cold straight from the bottle.

Tasting notes of this new beverage include citrus and spice, vanilla and ripe fruit all blended with cocoa and chocolate from the Mexican coffee.

Speaking on the launch Julian Fernandez, global marketing and innovation director for spirits at Zamora Company, said: 

“The secret to Licor 43’s success during our 75-year history is our capability to continuously adapt to changing consumer needs. Our latest innovation – the Carajillo 43 RTD – taps into the trend for delicious low-alcohol products which offer convenience and are produced from quality, natural ingredients.”

Made exclusively in Cartagena, Spain, Licor 43 is the world’s top selling Spanish liqueur. The recipe is based on Liqvor Mirabilis (marvellous liquid), a golden, aromatic drink that has been made in the area since at least 209 BC, and continued to be produced in the area after its capture by Rome, despite being banned. According to the brand, Licor 43 is the fastest-growing international liqueur.

Carajillo 43 follows the brand’s first foray into ready-to-drink cocktails last year, when the Spanish brand released Cocktail 43 Fresco. The effervescent RTD canned cocktails are made of the iconic liqueurand fruit juice combinations and come in two flavors, lemon and berry. They first appeared in the Netherlands, before expanding to other markets. Cocktail 43 Fresco comes in at 5.6% ABV and cost $2.80 USD.

The Zamora Company-owned liqueur brand has yet to give details about when either product might hit the US market.