Liberty Games Shares ‘Eau de Pub’ Perfume To Remind You Of Your Local Pub

eau-de-pub liberty games

‘Eau de Pub’ is a new perfume crafted by Liberty Games, created to remind you of your local pub.

The brand new, limited-edition perfume is intended to transport us all back to those sweet, sweet, memories of our favourite pubs.

The global pandemic has resulted in the closure and lockdown of millions of people’s drinking holes. So is this the solution? A nostalgic scent that will conjure memories and reminiscing of sweeter, tipsier times.  

A press release from Liberty Games describes Eau de Pub explains the incentive, and the smells of what you’re getting into.

“Included in the perfume are obvious scents of woody cedarwood, surrounding you in strong wood smells of spilt beer on the wooden bar top. This is accompanied by a sense of warmth from the Amber notes, reminding you of a roaring open fire, as you walk in through the doors of a packed full pub. 

“Tobacco notes have been included to set the scene of the smokers who have just come in from having a cigarette outside and leather smells were included to remind you of the big leather sofas and bar stools.  

“The various craft gins being consumed can be smelt through a slightly sweet smell from the added vanilla and notes of Patchouli bring a more musky, spicy and sweet mix bringing back the memories of the variety of craft beers on offer.

“This sweet smell also reminds you of the sweet sticky floors and carpets near the bar and there have been undertones of citrus added to bring back the antibacterial smell from tables that have just been cleaned and the toilets in the distance.”

Commenting on the release, Stuart Kerr, Technical Director at Liberty Games said:

”Everyone is missing being in the pub with their friends or family, and getting back into that pub atmosphere is something Brits are really looking forward to when restrictions are lifted. But until then, we wanted to bring the pub to you, by creating this exclusive pub themed fragrance that will bring back great memories of sitting around a wood fire or playing pool in the pub with your friends.”

Liberty Games are offering a single bottle of Eau de Pub in a competition over on their website. Check it out if you want to smell like good times.