Kirin Brings Fuji Single Grain Japanese Whisky To US

Kirin Fuji Single Grain Japanese Whisky

Kirin Brewery will begin exporting Japanese-made whisky to the United States for the first time next month, tapping one of the world’s biggest markets for luxury spirits.

Kirin looks to make its Fuji Single Grain Japanese Whisky available at liquor stores in 12 states as well as sell to high-end restaurants, aiming for 900 locations this year. Set to sell for $95 a bottle, Kirin plans to market it with a wine glass in line with the promotion used in Japan.

Bottled at 46% ABV, the whiskey brings a deep and complex range of aromas and flavors to the table and they’re all delivered with an elegant smoothness. The nose reveals floral notes accompanied by aromas of pear pie, candied chestnut, and orange peel. The palate fetures poached pears, apple compote and dark chocolate, but also spicy touches of cinnamon and toasted touches of rye bread. On the finish, Kirin Fuji Single Grain disappears gently leaving behind a few scents of tannins and incense.

The subsidiary of Japan’s Kirin Holdings makes Fuji whisky at its distillery in Gotemba, at the base of Mount Fuji.

Whisky led Japan’s exports of alcoholic beverages last year, beating out sake for the first time in two decades, at 27.1 billion yen ($245 million). Global demand is likely to keep growing as the reputation of Japanese whisky improves.

Kirin sold 1,630 cases of Fuji whisky in 2020, and began exports to France last October. It aims to sell 4,000 cases in Japan, 740 in the U.S. and 460 in France this year.

The U.S. is one of world’s leading markets for premium whisky, accounting for 35% of global sales. But it consumes just 3% of Japanese whisky, and Kirin sees room for growth in the region.

For more information, head over to Kirin’s official website.