Jose Cuervo Is Searching For A Chief Margarita Officer

Chief Margarita Officer

Jose Cuervo is now taking applications for its Chief Margarita Officer position. On Wednesday, the tequila brand unveiled the Jose Cuervo Tequila Cabinet, which is comprised of five new honorary roles centered around a love for the popular agave-based spirit: Chief Margarita Officer (CMO), Chief Paloma Officer (CPO), Chief Tequila Officer (CTO), Chief Tequila Sunrise Officer (CTSO) and Chief Bloody Maria Officer (CBMO).

They are all pretty sweet gigs from the looks of it. Each chosen cabinet member will get to weigh in on future cocktail recipes to appear on the Jose Cuervo website. Additionally, each officer will be given a “company card” that is to be used for up to $1,000 USD worth of tequila cocktails and ingredients.

Those lucky enough to be chosen as Jose Cuervo officers will be sent on an all expenses paid trip to Tequila, Mexico, for the first Jose Cuervo Tequila Cabinet meeting. During the business trip, cabinet members will visit La Rojeña, the oldest active distillery in Latin America (where Jose Cuervo is produced), experience agave harvesting by expert farmers, and more.

Applicants must submit a short video to CuervoCabinetContest.com stating the position they’re applying for and why they’d make a great addition to the Tequila Cabinet. Submissions are due by July 6 and winners will be selected and contacted by the end of July.

Those interested in Jose Cuervo and tequila in general, but not looking for a new position, might be more interested in the Jose Cuervo Express. For eight years, it has been taking agave spirits lovers on a chug across untouched Mexican countryside, and now the Tequila train has upped the ante with the launch of its Elite Wagon. The new experience from the liquored up rail line adds luxury to the spirited travel experience.

For more information on Jose Cuervo, head over to its official website.