Jay Park Releases Won Soju

Jay Park Won Soju

Jay Park has created his own Korean spirit named ‘Won Soju.’ Made with 100% Korean rice, the South Korean rapper chose to steer clear of collaborations in favor of producing his own spirit and was involved in every step of the process.

“I can recommend it to people when I’m proud of it,” Park told Hypebeast Korea. Speaking about the flavor he said, “The flavor of rice and yeast is dynamic yet subtle. The taste is also clean. I prefer a light and clean taste rather than a strong finish. We carefully pursued the taste. I like fast food like McDonald’s, but there are times when I want a polished steak. Won Soju tastes just like that. A refined taste comes to mind.”

“When making the soju, the use of koji water, rice, and numerous yeasts were slightly different,” explained Park about the production process. “It was a repetitive process of examining and giving feedback while tasting dozens of drinks. AOMG staff also tried it and gave feedback, like ‘I wish it was a little softer’ and ‘I wish it was cloudy.’ It wasn’t too long before the current taste was decided though. Maybe a month and a half?”

Park recently resigned as CEO of both AOMG and H1gher Music before additionally starting his own label “More Vision.”

For more information, head over to Won Soju’s official website.