IZO Launches Ensamble Mezcal


Award-winning agave spirits brand IZO have shared an all-natural, traditionally crafted Mezcal IZO Ensamble. 

What is being described as one of IZO’s most distinct concoctions to date, the IZO Mezcal Ensamble lends a twist to the classic recipe. Cenizo and Lamparillo agave grown wild and native to the landscapes of Durango, Mexico, are key ingredients to the new drink.

Speaking on the new drink, IZO co-founder Gaston Martinez said:

“Our Mezcal Ensamble perfectly complements the rest of the IZO Spirits collection. Its earthy, full-bodied flavor is a must for mixing any kind of Mezcal summer cocktail,” 

“Mezcal Ensamble drinkers can trust that every sip is thoughtfully and sustainably harvested from the ground to their glass, elevating the experience to another level of comfort and passion. This spirit hits close to home for me, as it brings me back to one of the reasons I started IZO in the first place – to celebrate my community.”

IZO is known for offering premium, flavorful agave spirits produced sustainably right in the heart of rural Durango, always with an eye on tradition. 

Martinez explained that Mezcal had always been a celebratory drink; the reward for a hard day’s work, and a measure of the pure and simple enjoyment of life. 

It is his values of preservation and heritage that Martinex brought to the forefront with IZO Mezcal Ensamble. Updating the old-world approach with modern sustainability, IZO prioritizes using renewable local resources for every step of harvesting, distilling, and bottling processes.

The culture of community, sustainability, and exceptional flavor with the Mezcal Ensamble, as well as a collection of sought after tequila and agave-based spirits. From the locally-sourced Onyx featured atop every IZO Spirits’ bottle to the minimalist design that allows the artisanal spirit within to shine, each element artfully conveys its point of origin. Delicious alone or in cocktails, toast every moment with the smooth, all-natural flavor of IZO Spirits premium spirits. Learn more about the IZO Spirits brand and shop its historic collection of pure-distilled agave spirits at IZOSpirits.com.