Hornitos Tequila Teams Up With Bespoke Post On Shot Taker Gift Box

Hornitos Shot Taker Box

Hornitos has announced its Hornitos Tequila x Bespoke Post Limited-Edition Shot Taker Box. The collaboration between the iconic Tequila brand and the subscription box company was designed to support and celebrate small business entrepreneurs taking shots in pursuit of their ambitions. 

Dropping just in time for holiday gifting, the Hornitos Tequila x Bespoke Post Limited-Edition Shot Taker Box features a curated collection of lifestyle items created by a diverse range of shot-taking small businesses from across the nation. The Shot Taker Box will be available for purchase beginning Monday, Dec. 7 on the Bespoke website while supplies last.

“As a brand with a history of pushing the boundaries for the betterment of tequila, we know it takes vision, perseverance and a bold, shot-taking spirit to pursue a business ambition, and nobody epitomizes that more than today’s small business owners,” said Rashidi Hodari, Managing Director of Tequila at Beam Suntory. “In a year when these shot takers are now facing tremendous uncertainty about the future, Hornitos Tequila is proud to Support Small alongside our partners at Bespoke Post and give several visionary small business owners and their products a broader stage during the gift-giving season.”

Retailing for $65 and available in limited quantities while supplies last, the Hornitos Tequila x Bespoke Post Limited-Edition Shot Taker Box features five products that were hand-selected from Bespoke Post’s Support Small initiative network, part of the company’s pledge to champion small businesses as they pursue their passions. These products were thoughtfully curated not only for their quality, but for the shot-taking spirit of their founders as well, including:

  • Bradley Mountain Utility Roll: Bradley Mountain creator Tyler Axtell pursued his passion for design and craftsmanship in his creation of a leather and canvas goods company out of a garage in Ocean Beach, in 2012. The brand inspires a fresh perspective on modern outdoor adventure beyond traveling and camping with handmade leather and canvas goods. The Utility Roll featured in the Limited-Edition Shot Taker Box conveniently fits into your pocket or backpack and can be used to neatly carry and store barware accessories.
  • Hoff & Pepper Mean Green Hot Sauce: In 2013, Hoff & Pepper Co-founders Aaron Hoffman and his wife Michelle “Pepper” Hoffman began crafting handmade hot sauces and gifting them to family members for the holidays. This couple’s passion project has rapidly evolved into the commercial production of handmade hot sauces, BBQ sauce and seasonings in Tennessee. Hornitos Tequila is supporting this family-owned hot sauce company on its path to even greater success by featuring its jalapeño hot sauce as part of its Limited-Edition Shot Taker Box. This hot sauce provides the kick needed to spice up any meal or Hornitos Tequila spicy margarita.
  • Krio River No. 2 Face Oil: Struggling with eczema for many years, Krio Founder Tony Johnson took a shot at developing his own skincare line with the goal of feeling comfortable in his own skin and sharing this achievement with others. This skincare line offers vegan-friendly, simple ingredient products inspired by Tony’s parents’ homeland of Sierra Leone. To further support Krio’s achievements, the Limited-Edition Shot Taker Box is featuring the brand’s River No. 2 Face Oil, a lightweight and refreshing face oil that provides fresh-looking skin all holiday season long.
  • Revel Gear Trail Hound 30 Feet Camping Light: Revel Gear is a charity-minded company, developed by Founders Kody and Brian Plavnicky, dedicated to creating efficient, sustainable outdoor products to help light the night. With the inclusion of Revel Gear’s Camping Lights in the Limited-Edition Shot Taker Box, Hornitos Tequila supports this brand’s mission to provide the perfect outdoor ambiance without the unquenchable hunger for timber. The dimmable string light packs small and spreads large, making it an easy choice for your next overnight or late-night backyard hangout.
  • Wax Buffalo Blood Orange Candle: Wax Buffalo Founder Alicia Reisinger left the stability of her job as a TV producer and on-air host in pursuit of her passion for candle making. Creating Wax Buffalo in her home kitchen in 2014, Wax Buffalo has since grown to employ more than a dozen individuals, with the brand’s mission to create imperfect handmade products with an edge for every modern home. Hornitos Tequila is aiding Wax Buffalo’s success with the inclusion of its Blood Orange Scented Candle as part of the Limited-Edition Shot Taker Box.

“Bespoke Post was founded to help people discover the under-the-radar, unique and downright awesome brands we love,” said Rishi Prabhu, Bespoke Post co-founder. “We’re excited to partner with Hornitos Tequila on this project. We see it as a way to double down on this ethos and on our Support Small initiative, created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Focused on brands that have taken their shot against the odds, this limited-edition box highlights the quality and spirit that you can really only get from small business owners.”

The development of the Shot Taker Box is the latest in a series of initiatives from Hornitos Tequila designed to enable shot takers and change makers from all walks of life, including creators, artists, aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners and fans of the brand. This collaboration also encompasses the brand’s “The Shot Fund” initiative, a multi-year, investment platform dedicated to empowering creative entrepreneurs taking shots at trailblazing ventures in their careers.