Hangar 1 Unveils Smoke Point Vodka, Distilled From Smoke-Tinged Grapes

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Hangar 1 Vodka has unveiled its latest release, Smoke Point Vodka. One year after the Glass Fire destroyed or damaged 31 wineries, restaurants, and lodges in Napa and Sonoma, the California brand has collaborated with the Crimson Wine Group to create the limited-edition release, with all proceeds donated to the California Fire Foundation.

Hangar 1 Smoke Point Vodka distills smoke-tinged grapes, which were affected by smoke and heat from wildfires and would otherwise be discarded by winemakers, into a first-of-its-kind, limited-edition vodka. 

Hangar 1 Smoke Point Vodka - Bottle Shot

Last September, just as harvest was approaching, the Napa Valley, California malbec and merlot crop was caught between local wildfires. The combination of smoke and blazing temperatures meant that these high quality grapes intended for specialty vintages would need to find a new home. Known for making grape and grain-based vodka that includes unique and distinctly California ingredients (including 2018 Fog Point Vodka distilled with Bay-Area fog-caught water and Crimson’s Pine Ridge), Hangar 1 saw an opportunity to experiment with terroir and sustainability — and the idea behind Smoke Point Vodka was born. 

“With fire season getting longer each year, and devastating California wine country and its crops, this collaboration goes one step further to support our neighbors and the Golden State,” said Lander Otegui, SVP of Marketing at Proximo Spirits. “We’re proud to create innovative and elevated, sustainably-crafted vodkas that celebrate our local community and agriculture, all while giving back to the services that protect them.” All proceeds from the sale of Smoke Point Vodka will be donated to the California Fire Foundation, to support firefighters, their families, and the communities they serve. In addition to donations made by Hangar 1 Vodka and Crimson Wine Group, California’s largest beverage alcohol distributor, RNDC (Republic National Distributing Company), also offered a specialty donation match in support of Smoke Point Vodka.

While Crimson Wine Group winemakers knew that the smoke would permeate the grapes and sit on their skin, affecting the final wine’s flavor, the vodka contains no trace of smoke. The new expression carries the brand’s distinctive floral, fruit-forward tasting notes but with a character that is subtly sweet and offers flavors of vanilla, licorice, and butterscotc on the palate, with a peppery, allspice finish.

Hangar 1 Smoke Point Vodka is priced at $50 per bottle and will be available at the Hangar 1 Distillery in Alameda, restaurants and liquor stores throughout California and across the country via ReserveBar

For more information, head over to Hangar 1’s official website.