Germain-Robin Unveils 19-Year-Old Single Barrel Pinot Noir Brandy

Germain-Robin Single Barrel Pinot Noir brandy

Germain-Robin has announced the release of its 19-year-old Single Barrel Pinot Noir, the brand’s first new single barrel product since joining the E. & J. Gallo (Gallo) spirits family four years ago. This new expression will be available exclusively at California Brandy House in Napa, followed by a limited release to select markets.

Crafted exclusively from Pinot Noir grapes grown in California’s Anderson Valley in coastal Mendocino County, the brandy pays homage to Germain-Robin’s distinctive heritage of being among the first to ever distill California Pinot Noir grapes in the history of brandy making. The Pinot Noir Single Barrel was double distilled in Prulho Charentais pot stills in 2001 and aged for 19 years in heirloom Limousin oak barrels.

Germain-Robin Single Barrel Pinot Noir brandy bottle box

On the nose, the brandy offers aromas of stone fruit and barrel spice. The palate palate features signature notes of cherry, dried herbs and coffee, complemented by the brandy’s weight and depth. Earthy layers of oak and a touch of leather give way on the bright, lengthy finish to hints of apricot and Bing cherry.

“Hubert Germain-Robin and I shared a simple vision: to make the best brandy possible,” said Gallo’s Vice President of Distilling David Warter. “And I believe we’re delivering on that vision. The lot behind this release stood out among a multitude of barrels because of its true Pinot Noir characteristics of red fruit that can hold oak. We selected Pinot Noir to honor the path blazed by our visionary founders who revolutionized brandy making in the early 1980s when they were among the first to distill California Pinot Noir grapes.”

When acquiring Germain-Robin, Gallo pledged to uphold the legacy established by Hubert Germain-Robin and Co-founder Ansley Coale — and the 19-year Single Barrel Pinot Noir does just that while also showcasing innovations that lie ahead.

On September 8, the Germain-Robin Single Barrel Pinot Noir brandy will be released exclusively at California Brandy House in Napa and priced at $250 per bottle. Gallo opened California Brandy House last year to raise awareness of premium California brandies such as Germain-Robin. This is the first single barrel release in a planned series.

To learn more about Germain-Robin brandy, visit the official website.