Four Seasons Brings Cocktails From Asia’s Top Bars To Hotels Across Region

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Bartenders from Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in the Asia Pacific region have joined forces to create a limited-time cocktail menu known as Poured by Four Seasons, celebrating six destinations, inspirations, and stories from award-winning and newly launched bars at Four Seasons.

Poured by Four Seasons will be presented at five Four Seasons locations – Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo – and includes cocktails from all of Four Seasons bars on Asia’s 50 Best Bars list.

The latest Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2021 announcement saw Charles H. at Four Seasons Hotel Seoul, Bar Trigona at Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur, and Caprice Bar at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong make the coveted list and marks the highest positions that the bars have ever achieved.

“2021 has been a challenging year for everyone in Asia, and I truly believe that well-crafted, creative cocktails can uplift and bring joy.,” says Philipp Blaser, Vice President of Food & Beverage, Asia Pacific, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. “What better way to bring the year to an end than to celebrate Asia through cocktails that embody the vibe of its iconic cities and cocktail culture?”

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Poured by Keith Motsi, Head Bartender, Charles H., Four Seasons Hotel Seoul

The Earl Grey Gimlette reimagines the classic tea flavour and explores the age-old debate of how one should consume the tea – with or without milk? In this gimlet creation, Motsi adds an unconventional element in the form of a milk pearl and Solomon’s Cordial, adding a traditional Korean flavour of cacao.

Charles H. was named Best Bar in Korea and is #49 on The World’s 50 Best Bars 2020 list.

Poured by Shadrach Shan (Shawn), Head Bartender, Bar Trigona, Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur

The Trigona Old Fashioned shines with the distinctive taste of Trigona honey, sourced in small batches from an organic farm in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, giving this old favourite a buzz-worthy new spin.

Bar Trigona is the 12th Best Bar in Asia and named Best Bar in Malaysia for 2021.

Poured by Lorenzo Antinori, Beverage Manager at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong and Beverage Ambassador for Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Asia Pacific

In the Da Hong Pao Sour, the ubiquitous oolong tea found in local Hong Kong tea houses and an eco-friendly French vodka come together in this eat-meets-west cocktail.

Caprice Bar is #10 on Asia’s Best Bars 2021 list and joint winner of the Nikka Highest Climber Award.

Poured by Philip Bischoff, Beverage Manager, Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Phraya River and Beverage Ambassador for Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Asia Pacific

Evita combines the classic style of a Negroni with the DNA of a sour to create a cocktail that exudes the passion of Buenos Aires, with each sip reminiscent of the glamour and lively energy of BKK Social Club at the newest hotel in Four Seasons Asia Pacific portfolio.

Poured by Joshua Perez, Head Bartender, VIRTÙ, Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi

From one of the most recent new launches at Four Seasons in Tokyo comes Champagne Poiré, drawing inspiration from a French-inspired winter dessert that Perez tasted in Japan’s Niseko on a snowy winter’s day. The cocktail reflects VIRTÙ’s Paris-meets-Tokyo concept and is created with two Japanese spirits and two French spirits.

Poured by Gabriel Carlos, Bar Manager, One-Ninety Bar, Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

Inspired by Singapore’s national flower the Vanda Miss Joaquim, Vanda embodies the multi-threaded tapestry of Singapore with its confluence of elegant and intriguing flavours.

Poured by Four Seasons will take place from November 24 to December 5, 2021 at these bars:

Visit Poured by Four Seasons here for more information and reservations.

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