Elenita: The World’s First Sparkling Mezcal In A Can


Riding a surging interest in tequila and mezcal sales – which rose 17.4% last year, according to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States – Elenita is making sparkling mezcal cocktails in a can. 

Available now in liquor stores and online, the release lines up nicely with any Cinco de Mayo celebrations that extend into the weekend.

Founded by two friends—Mikel Noriega and Jordan Dil – Elenita was inspired by mezcal sampled during their trips to Oaxaca and Mexico City.  On return to the USA, the friends decided to start a business that combined the increasingly popular spirit with the fast-growing category of ready-to-drink canned cocktails.

Each Elenita cocktail begins with mezcal from Oaxaca that is made from the Espadin agave plant, roasted underground for five days, naturally fermented and twice-distilled. The liquor is then combined with natural juices and sparkling water. You currently have four drinks to choose from, each packaged in a 12-ounce can and clocking in at 5% ABV.

Cucumber Lime Basil is cool, refreshing and citrusy. Pineapple Jalapeño is sweet and spicy. Strawberry Mule combines strawberry and ginger for a smoky, fruit-forward take on the classic Moscow Mule. And Passionfruit Paloma merges juicy passionfruit and grapefruit. 

These canned cocktails reach their full potential when consumed around bodies of water and bonfires, in parks and alongside tacos. Pour them over ice or just chug straight from the chilled can.

The RTD cans can be purchased in either single flavor or variety 8-packs via the online shop, or to find the drinks near you, head over to the official store locator.

In other sparkling agave spirit canned cocktail news, sipMARGS has launched new, ready-to-drink sparkling margaritas. The canned cocktails are low calorie, low sugar, low carb, and come in four flavors: Classic, Coconut, Mango, and Mezcal.

Jim Beam, meanwhile, launched two highball canned cocktails into the popular RTD world. The new drinks find bourbon mixed with either seltzer or ginger ale.