Eden Mill Virtual Tastings Helped Distillery Increase Profits, Even After Bars And Restaurants Closed

Eden Mill Virtual Tastings

Between April and June, Eden Mill virtual tastings and masterclasses helped the Scottish distillery make record quarterly profits. The St. Andrews-based brand grew by nine percent during the stretch, with online sales increasing by 600% against the same period last year, despite bars and restaurants closing due to the coronavirus crisis.

During the second quarter, the distillery saw their revenue shoot to £2 million, with a £800,000 net profit for the 12 week trading period.

Virtual gin tastings and cocktail masterclasses were a large reason for the increased profits seen by the distillery. More than 4,000 people paid for Eden Mill’s various “at home” experiences.

From late March on, the distillery was dispatching over 1,000 packages per day from its Glasgow Gateway distribution center.

“While e-commerce has always been a fundamental pillar of our multi-channel distribution model, the unprecedented crisis we have found ourselves operating in has forced us to accelerate our strategic plans and adapt to the new environment.

“Changing consumer behaviour during the coronavirus crisis has been a catalyst for us to fast track our plans while the flexibility and marketing nous of our team has delivered increased sales, market share and brand awareness.

“The great set of financial results achieved in the last quarter will also now enable us to retain more of our team post furlough and to push on, unhindered by Covid-19, with our distillery development.”

Currently, Eden Mill is constructing Scotland’s first carbon neutral single malt Whisky distillery at their campus in Guardbridge, just outside St. Andrews. The facility is set to open by the end of 2021 and will feature a visitor experience.

For now, fans of the Gin brand will have to enjoy from afar. Currently there are two options to choose from: the Virtual Home Gin Tasting Experience, where imbibers receive 12 x 5cl bottles, 2 tulip glasses, and 2 x Mixology Project cocktails by courier ahead of the tastings and are coached through a variety of flavors as well as how to taste Gin properly; and the Virtual Cocktail Masterclass, where home mixologists will receive a bottle of Eden Mill Gin and a variety of liqueurs, tonics, glasses, and a copper plated luxury cocktail set so they can be taught how to make three different cocktails.

Eden Mill Virtual Tastings and Masterclasses can be found on the brand’s official web store.