D’Sange Spritz

D'Sange Blood Orange Vermouth and soda

There’s something particularly pleasant about bubbly, two-ingredient cocktails. Even if trapped inside, their ease and effervescence bring delicate grace to any room. They’re even better experienced during a sunny Spring afternoon as yellow drifts onto laughter and breeze scuttles by. Choose something with a low ABV, and you can drink deep into the evening with conversations only growing lighter. That’s what we love about the D’Sange Spritz.

Vin d’Sange from Mommenpop takes center stage in this flavorful, yet simple drink that seems like it could have been poured by Alice Waters herself. Vin d’Sange is an aperitif style spirit made from a base of light red wine, and infused with blood orange, black pepper, and a secret blend of spices. The bottle comes from Napa winemaker Samantha Sheehan who also makes orange and grapefruit versions.

We’re not against making complicated cocktails to impress guests or even just to spice up an otherwise common evening. But with a drink like the D’Sange spritz, we can keep the drinking coming deep into the night. And for us, it’s nice to have something unfussy to pour down our gullet. 

Sparkling water (really any kind will do, but we prefer Saratoga Sparkling Spring Water for this beverage) perfectly complements the Vin d’Sange. Together, the deep flavors of blood orange and soft Pinot Noir are excited to new, loftier heights that when paired with a wide view and clever company teeter on the edge of Ruscha-esque sublime–there’s something ironic about getting tipsy on spritz.


  • 2 oz. Mommenpop Vin d’Sange
  • Saratoga Sparkling Spring Water
  • Ugli fruit

This is an easy one. Fill a tumbler glass with ice. Pour the Vin d’Sange over the rocks. Top with Saratoga Sparkling Spring Water to taste. Garnish with zest of ugli fruit. From there, just sip away and enjoy the distinct grape and citrus flavors of California’s Napa Valley.