Doors Open At The New Interactive Frapin Museum

Frapin museum

Tours are now flowing at the new interactive Frapin Museum, where the Cognac brand hopes to give its fans the opportunity to explore the history of the house.

Two tours are available: the Discovery Tour and the VIP tour.

The one hour Discovery Tour will cost €15 per person, but will be free for children. During the visit, tour-goers will have the opportunity to discover the history of the House and its vineyard via the new museum, to get to know the distillation process and visit the aging & blending cellars. The visit ends with the tasting of four cognacs (without exceptional carafes).

The VIP tour will take two and a half hours and cost €250 per person, but will be free for children. On it, visitors will, “Discover the secret world of our prestigious family estate,” explains the House. “During 2 1/2 hour visit you will explore our vineyard, distillery and then dive into the half-lit atmosphere of our century-old ageing cellars. Halfway through the tour, nestled in the heart of the vineyard, a break at Château Fontpinot will be made to discover the house and the ancestors of the family, including the famous François Rabelais, followed by a cocktail break. You will also find the treasures contained in the paradise cellar. The visit will continue with the discovery of our new museum, cellars and will end with the tasting of 4 cognacs, including our top the range carafe…”

To book a tour, head to the company’s official website.

Last month, Cognac Frapin Millésime 1992 was named the best Cognac in the world at the Cognac Masters 2020. The French Brandy was awarded the title of Cognac Taste Master during the annual event, which took place at the Charlotte Street branch of Gaucho in London, England.

It’s been a big week in the world of Cognac with another French Brandy picking up the award for “Spirit of the Year” at the 2020 San Diego International Wine & Spirits Challenge