Don Julio Retires REAL Tequila

Don Julio REAL

Tequila Don Julio is retiring REAL, the most exclusive tequila in the brand’s portfolio. The exclusive tequila is reaching the end of its planned bottling, and the company has decided to honor the expression by retiring it.

Aged for three to five years in American white oak barrels, REAL is produced from a highly selective batch of only the best estate-grown agave and is made with the distillate in Pot Still 6, which produces only three barrels per cycle. It offers rich aromas and smooth flavors that are fully enhanced through its decanter-shaped bottle adorned with agave leaves.

“Tequila Don Julio REAL is truly a special product and from the start, the brand decided that there would only be a small quantity produced,” explains a press release. It isn’t all sad news, however, as the retirement of REAL will make way for Tequila Don Julio Master Distillers to continue innovating and producing new offerings.

In other good news, there are still bottles of Tequila Don Julio REAL out there that you can get your hands on. The spirit inside is characterized by a mature aroma balanced with gentle hints of citrus and sweet, cooked, roasted  and raw agave. On the nose, it is lightly smoked with touches of vanilla, caramel, honey, chocolate and dried fruit. The palate features enticing dried fruit, and roasted agave instantly coats the palate, followed by toffee and chocolate topped with a slightly dry, lightly bitter finish. 

The tequila is priced at $350 per 750ml bottle, but due to its rare and exclusive nature, it often costs more. To purchase it online, head over to Drizly.

In April, Don Julio’s Grandson unveiled a new blanco tequila called LALO. LALO is named after co-founder and maestro tequilero Eduardo “Lalo” González, the grandson of Don Julio González of the iconic Don Julio tequila brand.