Diplo And Whitney Cummings Invest In JuneShine Hard Kombucha


JuneShine hard kombucha has raised a Series A from a number of the United State’s leading early stage investors and celebrity ambassadors, including Diplo and Whitney Cummings. The brand aims to accelerate its nationwide growth and inspire people to rethink the way they drink by brewing an organic, transparent and sustainable hard kombucha made with real ingredients, and low in sugar.

The funding round was completed through celebrity investors led by musical artist Diplo (Thomas Wesley Pentz), comedian Whitney Cummings, YouTube star Cody Ko, US Women’s National Team’s (USWNT) Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger, Outdoor Voices’ founder Ty Haney, and Singer / Songwriter Ashe. Additional investment from existing investors was led by Litani Ventures, Peter Rahal and Amberstone Ventures. This funding comes at an exciting time for JuneShine as it kicks off summer and will facilitate accelerating growth across the US, increase production capacity, innovation focused on developing sustainable, transparent, and better-for-you adult beverages, and the development of new brick-and-mortar tasting rooms.

The San Diego-based company has brewed organic, alcoholic kombucha (6% ABV) since June 2018. This recent investment will facilitate plans to accelerate its growth in major markets across the country through key retail partners, including Trader Joes, Costco, Kroger, Target, Whole Foods, Albertsons/Safeway, Publix, Total Wine, HEB, and Sprouts. “We are thankful to have some of the best retail partners in the country who share our desire to offer truly transparent, sustainable, and organic adult beverages across the country,” says Greg Serrao, CEO and JuneShine Co-Founder.

The investment comes just as JuneShine opens their new flagship Santa Monica tasting room on Main Street in the heart of West Los Angeles. “Our tasting rooms are all about creating memorable experiences for our customers and offering an alternative social experience focused on conscious consumption and community building,” says Forrest Dein, CMO and JuneShine Co-Founder.

“As the nationwide leader of the hard kombucha category, it’s our responsibility to continue growing the category and our celebrity ambassadors will help us make JuneShine Hard Kombucha a household brand name. Each ambassador aligns with our core values and authentically loves the product. We only work with talent that already loves Hard Kombucha and are existing consumers of JuneShine before we start working together. We’re incredibly excited to roll out new collaborations with our celebrity ambassadors and bring more awareness to organic, sustainable alcohol,” says Dein.

This fall, JuneShine will work with each of their ambassadors and investors to activate the brand through lifestyle events, retail programs, and product collaborations. “As I’ve gotten older I’ve become much more aware and intentional about what I put in my body because it makes such a difference in my overall mood and energy levels. Last year I made hard kombucha my drink of choice because I feel better when I drink JuneShine,” says Diplo.

“JuneShine’s the only alcohol that doesn’t leave me feeling like crap the next day and doesn’t make me text my ex at 1am,” says Whitney Cummings.

“I already love kombucha. Now, with JuneShine, I can finally get buzzed off it! And not feel terrible in the morning,” says Cody Ko.

“As athletes, moms and socially conscious women, JuneShine provides us with a great option when we are looking to unwind,” says Ashlyn Harris.

“It fits perfectly with our lifestyle as active women who care about the products we consume and the communities with which we engage,” says Ali Krieger.

“I think JuneShine is an incredibly authentic brand and it feels like a kindred spirit. I drink it because it feels cleaner and feels refreshing without making me feel dehydrated,” says Ashe.

“JuneShine is great for #doingthings! I love to drink it hiking, biking, beaching, camping and by the pool. I’ve recently become an ambassador as I’ve been a long-time kombucha enthusiast (because of its many health benefits) and Juneshine is my favorite spirited functional drink. Now it’s kombucha for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” says Ty Haney.

Sustainability and transparency have always been at the heart of JuneShine and this investment will support the advancement of new ways it can have a net-positive impact on the world. The company already donates 1% of all revenue to 1% For The Planet; and in 2021 will become 100% carbon neutral through a partnership with Climate Neutral.

Since launching in June 2018, the company tripled in revenue from 2019 to 2020 and is on pace to double revenue again in 2021. JuneShine also shipped more than 30,000 barrels in 2020 and plans to double that volume in 2021. JuneShine is the #1 brand family in the hard kombucha category according to the latest IRI / Nielsen chain sales report ending 5/2/2021 and holds the top 2 SKUs nationwide with their Blood Orange Mint and Midnight Painkiller 6 packs. In SoCal, powered by their recent launch of variety packs in Trader Joes, Target and Costco, JuneShine is quickly approaching top 20 brand status amongst all Hard Seltzer, Craft Beer, FMBs, Ciders and Hard Kombucha brands.

For more information on JuneShine, check out its official website.