Dictador Unveils $1,400 2 Masters Carlos I Rum

Dictador 2 Masters Carlos I

Dictador has unveiled the latest addition to its 2 Masters series, Carlos 1. The new expression from the luxury Colombian rum maker is the result of a partnership with the Osborne Group.

Dictador 2 Masters Carlos I bottle copy

Created by Dictador master blender Hernan Parra and Carlos I’s former sherry and brandy blender Ignacio Lozano, Dictador 2 Masters Carlos 1 finds a 1980 vintage Dictador rum aged in 50-60 year old Brandy de Jerez casks. These casks housed the finest Oloroso and Amontillado sherries for more than 20 years, giving Carlos I its unique flavor. 

On the nose, the 41-year-old Colombian rum offers pronounced notes of rich dark chocolate, black cherries, and oolong tea. Freshly cut oak mixes with antique books and vintage, well varnished furniture giving a luxurious and opulent aroma. Figs drizzled in honey finish the nose. The palate begins with juicy red apples, followed by fresh ginger, ripe red cherries, and some milk chocolate notes. It is followed by rich tropical fruits, pineapples in syrup, apricots with honey and almonds flaked on top. The finish is long, lingering and warm with layers of ginger, cedar wood, and candied orange peel dipped in dark chocolate.

“I am truly passionate about the aging process of brandy and fine brown spirits, so it is a great pleasure to be a part of the 2 Masters project with Dictador,” commented Lozano. “It’s a challenge to align notes of sherry, brandy and rum, but I feel this has been mastered with Carlos I, exceeding all expectations.”

Parra added, “In the depths of the cellars with over 250 years of history, this liquid has developed a truly unique and inimitable personality. A direct reflection of what 2 Masters is about and a true pleasure to release.”

Started by Dictador master blender Hernan Parra, the 2 Masters collection aims to explore the boundaries of luxury rum. For each edition, the Colombian brand invites a wine or spirits producer to ‘finish’ a Dictador blend in a way of their choosing. Previous editions have included Dictador 2 Masters Royal Tokaji 1977, Dictador 2 Masters Niepoort, and Dictador 2 Masters Ximénez-Spínola 1976 Edition.

Just 700 bottles of the Dictador 2 Masters Carlos I will be available for a price of €1,200 ($1,450 USD). As with previous 2 Masters releases, this release will include specially developed bottle security features including gold paint with UV protection, holistic cryptographic technology, and armored glass packaging that uses fingerprint technology for unlocking.

For more information, head over to the brand’s official website.