Diageo India Launches Godawan Whisky

Godawan Whisky

Johnnie Walker has added a new single malt whisky, Godawan, which was made in Rajasthan in northern India. 

Rajasthan is a land of stark contrasts, says Diageo India, “an arid land of extremes which envelops within it some of the harshest weather conditions. However, culturally, it also preserves and conserves with delicate care and passion everything that exists on its land – whether it is the fauna such as Godawan, its flora such as barley, its innovation in the form of step wells, or its people – known across the world for their thriving, colourful and intricate arts & craft.

“The flourishing and world-renowned arts and craft of Rajasthan, such as sandstone and marble art, are a testament to “beauty in scarcity” and crafting exceptional things of beauty from what nature provides.”

Godawan whisky was matured at a heat of more than 100°F and made from six-row barley grains that are unique to Rajasthan. It has been finished in “special casks” containing Indian botanicals. The resulting liquid has a rich and complex character with a higher-than-average angel’s share due to the dryness of the area.

“Godawan – the spirit of the desert – will redefine the way Indian single malts are perceived globally with its truly world-class story and flavour,” said Shweta Jain, chief business development officer, Diageo.

The whisky is named after the great Indian bustard bird, which was once found across the country but is now nearly extinct and can only be seen in Rajasthan. Every bottle of the single malt will see a contribution given to the conservation of the bird.

“Godawan, Diageo India’s innovation in artisanal single malt whisky, is proof that India is the next emerging destination for quality single malts as well as artisanal craft spirits,” said Vikram Damodaran, chief innovation officer, Diageo India. “Each bottle of Godawan can be traced back to a cluster of barley farms in Rajasthan, ensuring transparency and authenticity of the product, and gets its provenance from extreme temperatures which lend it a rare and subtle complexity, and a unique taste.

“The whisky is not just a testament to the region’s craftsmanship and ingenuity, but also [a] commitment to sustainability and preservation of the land it comes from – and it begins with the great Indian bustard.”

Godavan will be available in Rajasthan and Delhi initially, followed by the rest of India. It will also be available in Dubai from April onwards.
For more information, head over Diageo India’s official website.