Dewar’s Explores The Power Of Sport With Stay Curious Campaign

Dewar's Stay Curious

Dewar’s has debuted its latest marketing campaign, Stay Curious. The new advertisements from the blended Scotch brand encourage consumers to seek out new, memorable experiences across cultures.

“The Dewar’s Stay Curious campaign reflects the brand’s history and ethos,” says the Whisky maker. “Whether introducing double aging methods, creating limited-edition cask finishes that bring different worlds together in a bottle to create an unexpected flavor profile or supporting out of the box cultural happenings, Dewar’s has been fueled by a natural curiosity for nearly 225 years.”

Dewar’s has long been a pioneer among whisky brands since its founding in 1846, fostering a unique production process and bringing people together across cultures. Nowhere has that interest and innovation in bringing two things together to make something even more exciting been exemplified more than in its connection to sports. Dewar’s has been a patron of professional sporting events and helped integrate soccer into the American cultural lexicon for over a century. Notably, the brand donated a trophy called the Dewar’s cup in 1914 for the first ever Lamar Hunt US Open, which is now the oldest ongoing national soccer competition in the U.S. Stay Curious gives a nod to Dewar’s centuries-long connection to the sports world, bringing the spirit of curiosity and cross collaboration center stage.

Having launched in the North American market, the :30 and :15 second spots of the integrated campaign will run on networks and cable programs throughout the season, supported by digital and print media. The :30 spot takes place in the 1920s and opens with a Scottish Dewar’s soccer scout who is in the stands surveying the field of an American football game. The viewer sees his focus turn to a player on the bench, effortlessly catching footballs one right after another. Piquing his curiosity, the scout recognizes the benched player’s talent and offers him the opportunity to try out as a goalie for a Scottish soccer team. He is presented with a bottle of Dewar’s 12 year, a token that invites him to explore the possibilities when the worlds of American football and Scottish football collide. In the end, the player successfully traverses different cultures and different sports to become a star soccer goalie in Scotland.

“We’re driven by the unexpected, not only through our signature combination of malt and grain whisky alongside our double aging process for extra smoothness but also how we’re reaching across the aisle to work with different spirit categories to source casks for our DEWAR’S 8 year cask series,” says Stephanie MacLeod, Master Blender for Dewar’s. “Dewar’s approach brings different worlds and perspectives together to create something even more exciting is at the forefront of all that we do.”

“A whole world of possibilities opens up when you find the commonalities in the unexpected, allowing empathy and curiosity to create entirely new, innovative drinking and social experiences that can bring people together,” says Brian Cox, Vice President of Dewar’s for North America. “The brand’s keen interest and investment into bringing sports across continents was something we wanted to pay homage to in this exciting campaign as it represents the brand’s ‘wit and grit’ approach to innovation and experiential marketing. And the viewer also gets to experience this thread of collaboration and combining two different worlds throughout the campaign, even down to director Tim Godsall’s meticulous mix of modern and contemporary details being displayed on this 1920s backdrop.”

A 360° campaign, Stay Curious will stretch across product innovation, gift packaging and new cocktail serves coupled with sponsorships, experiential and below the line promotions.

Check out the commercial below: