Dalmore Just Released A 51-Year-Old Whisky That Costs $71,000 And There Are Only 51 Bottles Available

Dalmore 51

The Dalmore has just released its first new product of the decade, and it’s safe to say that the Alness, Scotland-located distillery is going all in with this 51-year-old whisky. This rare release is all about exclusivity–only 51 bottles were made–and not being afraid to open your wallet, as it costs a staggering $71,000.

Originally distilled in 1966, this limited-edition single malt was aged in a mix of casks that once held Bourbon, Port Colheita 1938, and Sherry. From what we’re hearing from the brand, the nose features licorice, Morello cherries, balsamic vinegar and caramel. On the palate, meanwhile, there are notes of plum, giner, and warm vanilla, while the finish us supposedly filled with rich chocolate and hints of tropical pineapple.

Even for a 180-year-old distillery, this whisky is something special. The golden liquid comes in custom crystal decanters with polished silver stoppers. Each bottle is housed in a hand-crafted, sycamore case lined with quilted leather. Since this Scotch has been aging for 51 years, there is only a limited amount available, so only 51 bottles will be released.

At the end of last year, Dalmore released another stunning rare single malt. That 60 year old whisky was made by  reuniting the liquid from twin ex-sherry barrels filled with whisky that was distilled on June 7, 1951. Those two casks happen to be the last laid down by the Mackenzie Clan who led the distillery for three generations. They also happened to be the people behind the royal stag, which became the distillery’s emblem. Only three of the 60 year old bottles were ever made and they are currently set to go on a worldwide tour, and make stops in Shanghai, Los Angeles, Taipei, and London.

While it has already been quite the year for Dalmore, we expect this is only the beginning of the surprises they have in store for whisky lovers around the globe.

dalmore 51 year old