Cutwater Spirits Introduces Long Island Iced Tea, Their Newest Canned Cocktail

Cutwater Spirits Long Island Iced Tea

Today, Cutwater Spirits introduced their newest canned cocktail offering, a Long Island Iced Tea. Despite a plethora of new options hitting the market almost daily, the San Diego distillery has managed to stay on ahead of the pack with their RTD releases. And with this new release, it doesn’t look like the brand will be relinquishing their crown any time soon.

The Long Island Iced Tea celebrates the notorious dive bar classic. It features four of Cutwater’s spirits: Vodka, Rum, Gin and Tequila, along with citrus notes and a splash of cola. The 20th addition to Cutwater Spirits’ range of canned cocktails, Long Island Iced Tea is also the booziest offering in the portfolio, coming in at 13.2% ABV.

“Our Long Island Iced Tea doesn’t play games with a low ABV or use beer as a base alcohol, it is true to the original recipe with a Cutwater twist – featuring our real spirits and a 13.2% ABV.” says Yuseff Cherney, Master Distiller and Co-Founder of Cutwater Spirits. “We’re super happy with the finished product and think our fans will love being able to set this legendary cocktail free.”

While the beverage includes no tea whatsoever, the cocktail quickly gained popularity in the 1970s for its taste and potency. Tasting notes include iced sun tea, bold spirit, tart citrus, and honeysuckle. 

Cutwater’s Long Island Iced Tea is gluten-free and available at retailers across the United States with an SRP of $12.99 per four-pack. Those interested can find a local retailer by emailing

Last year, Cutwater Spirits’ Bloody Mary was include in our 10 Canned Cocktails to Level Up Your Beach Days list and their various RTD offerings continue to be rated as some of the best options on the market. In total, Cutwater produces 18 canned cocktails and 20 bottled spirits and has won over 750 awards since being established in 2017.