Copperworks Unveils Washington Peated Single Malt Whiskey

Copperworks Washington Peated Single Malt Whiskey

Copperworks Distilling Co has released a Peated Single Malt. The American Single Malt Whiskey from the Seattle distillery was created with Washington State peat.

The Copperworks Washington Peated Single Malt Whiskey is the brand’s first release that utilize peat, while it’s Release  34 of the company’s American Single Malt Whiskey. The peat was sourced from the only peat bog in Washington that can be commercially harvested and was used to add a smoky flavor to the Washington-grown barley malted by Skagit Valley Malting. The malt is the first peated malted barley produced entirely from ingredients sourced in Washington State. 

The offering comes from eight casks of whiskey that were brewed and distilled from 100% of the Copeland variety of barley grown in Washington’s Skagit Valley and smoked during the malting process with Washington peat. Each cask of Whiskey was matured for just over four years in lightly charred (char #1) new American Oak casks. 

“We’re excited to release a peated whiskey that features the unique peat flavors from our home state of Washington,” said Jason Parker, Co-Founder and President of Copperworks. “The smoky flavors in this Copperworks whiskey release are more subtle than what you’ll typically find in Scotch malt whiskey as we worked to balance flavors of the Washington peat with the flavors of the Washington-grown barley and new Oak American casks.” 

The flavors of Washington-sourced peat are different than Scottish peat because the decomposed plant matter in Washington is different than plant matter in Scotland. “Using Washington-sourced peat gives our whiskey flavors of roasted almonds, toast, hickory, and a slightly briny earthiness in contrast to the notes of iodine, creosote, and seaweed that is often found in Scottish peated single malt,” said Parker. 

Copperworks Peated Single Malt Whiskey offers aromas of campfire, roasted tomatoes, and exotic spices that lead to flavor notes of roasted almonds, toast, and orange zest. A long finish of hickory, cedar, and wet earth end with pleasant briny and wood notes. 

Bottled at 52% ABV, the Whiskey is currently available via the company’s online store or at the distillery on the Seattle waterfront for $76.49. The release will eventually be available in select bars, restaurants, and liquor retailers in Washington State.  

Back in August, Copperworks added two new Gins to its range: Copperworks Peated Cask Finished Gin (Caol Ila Cask) and Copperworks Peated Cask Finished Gin (Laphroaig Cask). Both of the new offerings come from the Seattle-based distillery’s Cask Finished Gin series.