Common Cider Launches Honcho Spiked Agua Frescas

Honcho Spiked Agua Frescas

Common Cider has launched Honcho, a new line of spiked agua frescas combining all-natural fruit nectar, fresh water sourced from the Sierra Mountains, and Honcho’s unique tropical fruit wine recipe. Inspired by Latin American recipes and ingredients, the RTD canned cocktails come in three flavors, mango, blueberry lemon, and prickly pear.

“We’re excited to introduce consumers to Honcho’s vibrant, all-natural spiked agua frescas,” said CEO of Common Cider Fran Toves. “Agua frescas are the perfect way to enjoy a refreshing, full-favor fruit beverage so we took extra care to prefect our recipe paying homage to Latin tradition while adding our own twist with Honcho’s unique fruit wine blend.”

Toves, created the line as a spiked twist on one of her favorite drinks in Latin American culture. With the rising popularity of ready-to-drink fruit alcoholic beverages, she grabbed the opportunity to introduce a growing fan base to a south-of-the-border inspired drink made with all-natural ingredients.

Brewed in California, Honcho “feels like summer all year round with its light, refreshing fruit blends,” says the brand. At only 100 calories per can, Honcho offers vibrant flavors without sugar-based alcohol additives. Using only natural fruit and water, Honcho takes an original approach to crafting fermented, all-natural fruit wine.

Honcho is available in grocery stores and liquor stores all over the southwestern region of the United States, as well as online through the brand’s official web store.

In other south-of-the-border flavored canned cocktail news, Mezcal Ojo de Tigre, las week, launched a line of premium hard seltzers called Original Blends. Founded in 2018 by Luis Gerardo Méndez, Sebastián Sas, Jorge Mondragón, and Cory Crespo, the company is one of the fastest growing brands in the Mezcal sector. The Mezcal Ojo de Tigre Original Blends come in three flavors: ginger, grapefruit, and cucumber. Bottled at 4.0% ABV, the ready-to-drink hard seltzers are natural, gluten-free and with a low caloric content.