Castle & Key Releases Restoration Rye, It’s First Whiskey

Castle & Key Restoration Rye Whiskey bottle

Castle & Key Distillery has finally released its first Whiskey, Restoration Rye. The new offering pays homage to the restoration of the Frankfort, Kentucky-based distillery’s historic property.

Castle & Key Restoration Rye is the brand’s first Whiskey release since it was founded in 2014.  The historic property was originally built more than a century ago and at one point was the iconic Old Taylor Distillery. The new Whiskey has been released in two batches, which will be different from any other batch made. In fact, the distillery’s goal is for no two releases to be exactly alike. 

The 2020 Restoration Rye release both offer unique flavor profiles. Batch #1 is created from a blend of 60 barrels, and Batch #2 is comprised of 57 barrels. During the blending process, barrels are grouped into pods with specific sensory profiles, and from there they are blended together to achieve the unique flavor profiles. 

Bottled at 51.5% ABV, Restoration Rye Batch #1 produced 78,000 bottles. It offers aromas of brown sugar, cinnamon toast, dried figs, pipe tobacco, baking chocolate, and orange peel. The palate features sweet baking spice, cinnamon roll, caramelized sugar, dried currants, lightly roasted almonds, and a hint of black licorice. The finish is Sweet with light hints of maple syrup and dark honey

Batch #2 came in at 49.5% ABV and produced 75,000 bottles. On the nose, it offers bright, lemon peel, toasted oak, apricot, wild flower, honey, and graham cracker aromas. The palate delivers pie crust, honeysuckle, mint, agave nectar, dry cinnamon, and light stone fruit. The finish is cooling with light mouth numbing.

“We are more than excited to release our Restoration Rye, a spirit that is thoughtful in every detail,” says Jon Brown, quality manager at Castle & Key Distillery. “From grain to glass, and is a true representation of the team’s hard work and attention to detail over the past five years.”

To celebrate the release of their first brown spirit, the distillery also launched Roots of Ruin Gin and Sacred Spring Vodka. All three spirits received a new look from the award-winning design team at Stranger & Stranger.

Each of the new releases are now available for purchase in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, South Carolina, Texas, and Georgia.