Camus Unveils Cyclone-Created Dark & Stormy Cognac

Camus Dark & Stormy Cognac

Camus has unveiled its Dark & Stormy Cognac. The new limited-edition brandy is the result of a blend made following Cyclone Xynthia in 2010.

On very rare occasions, a major storm brings ocean water to Camus’ Ile de Ré vineyards located in the interior of the island, temporarily saturating the soil with salt and minerals. The grapes harvested in those years help produce a cognac of extraordinary maritime character. By including cognacs distilled following the great storm of 2010, Camus Dark & ​​Stormy brings the unique sensory experience of an exceptional Cognac that can only very rarely be produced over the course of a century. 

On the nose, it is rich with aromas of sea salt and a fresh maritime register. The palate features an all-natural tonicity and rise in power towards rich mineral notes. The finish is suave with fine iodized notes.

Camus recommends serving the Cognac in a tulip tasting glass at an ambient temperature of 18°, or on the rocks with one or two large ice cubes. It should be enjoyed as an aperitif with friends, or as a starter with some oysters. It is also perfect after dinner in the warmth of your living room, imagining the wind in the grass and the rough sea.

The Cognac Camus Dark & Stormy Limited Edition is on exclusive presale from April 4 to 18, and can only be purchased via the brand’s online store.

In September, Camus revamped its Ile de Ré Fine Island Cognac to showcase its unique island origin. Last April, the mission released Return to Saint-Aulaye, a 2016 vintage Cognac made from Colombard grapes. The new offering follows last year’s Camus Caribbean Expedition, which explored the impact of aging the French brandy at sea.