Camus And Amaretto Adriatico Reinvent The French Connection For New Cocktail Kit

Camus French Connection Cocktail Kit

Camus and Amaretto Adriatico have partnered up to launch a French Connection Cocktail Kit. And while the aforementioned drink may be one of the easiest cocktails ever invented, it’s one that is truly all about the ingredients. The kits go sale March 1, 2021.

The new French Connections Cocktail Kit contains all the ingredients and equipment needed for this cocktail – a bottle of Camus Île de Ré Fine Island Cognac, a bottle of Amaretto Adriatico, a tumbler, and a cocktail spoon – all that’s missing is the ice.

Legend has it that the was invented in the 70s, and named after the 1971 movie of the same name starring Gene Hackman. It is part of the International Bartenders Association’s IBA Official Cocktails List.

For this French Connection recipe, the iconic Cognac house has chosen an Île de Ré Fine Island Cognac. Distilled from grapes grown on the Ré island, this Cognac has a bold personality, naturally iodine-rich, with a lively dry and subtly oaked palate. It is an ideal match for this Italian Amaretto whose secret ingredient is a pinch of sea salt added to the recipe, crafted from handpicked Italian almonds that have been carefully roasted and distilled.

The Camus Île de Ré Fine Island Cognac’s fresh, marine notes and oaky palate harmoniously combine with the bittersweet, salty flavors of Amaretto Adriatico, to bring an exhilarating freshness to the cocktail.

All it takes to make a perfectly balanced French Connection cocktail is equal parts of Camus Île de Ré Fine Island Cognac and Amaretto Adriatico.

  1. Pour 5cl of Camus Île de Ré Fine Island Cognac and 5cl of Amaretto Adriatico in the Tumbler.
  2. Add ice cubes to completely fill the glass and stir with the cocktail spoon for about 30 seconds.
    • For a lighter cocktail, stir for 1 minute to increase dilution.
  3. Serve and enjoy!
    • An orange zest garnish can be added to bring a citrus tang to the cocktail.

The Camus X Adriatico French Connection Cocktail Kit, which is packaged in a 100% recycled cardboard, will make up to 14 cocktails.