Bruichladdich Unveils Octomore 12 Editions

Octomore 12

Bruichladdich has unveiled the 12th series of its Octomore range. Now in its fifth year, the collection features whiskies that are all super heavily peated and bottled at cask strength.

As with previous editions, the Octomore 12.1 acts as the base or control of the experimental range, as a necessary springboard for new domains of discovery. The 12.2 offers an alternative maturation to its .1 counterpart, this time in a balanced ex-Sauternes cask profile. Finally, the 12.3 explores Islay grown barley and the terroir of the distiller’s home-grown grain combined with sherry maturation for the first time in history.

The troika will appear together in specialist retail stores for the first time ever. Offering a cohesive schooling on Bruichladdich Distillery’s most experimental peat endeavours, this series will become available in October 2021.

Octomore Edition: 12.1 (PPM: 130.8) Aged: 5 Years

Nowhere is the dualism of the Octomore super heavily peated series more pertinent than in the .1 edition. Never as expected, delicate but powerful, this is unadulterated heavy smoke balanced with vivacious and dynamic, fruity and floral distillate.

While Octomore in itself does not conform to tradition, Head Distiller Adam Hannett is inclined to mature Octomore .1 editions solely in ex-American oak casks for five years. Octomore 12.1 is the necessary control for the rest of the series, as experiments within an experiment.

Mainland grown Scottish barley is distilled in a patient and considered trickle. The stripped back maturation profile allows a sensory conversation that highlights the cereal-rich, malty notes of this barley-forward single malt. Vanilla, citrus and fudge culminate in an enigmatic challenge to received whisky wisdom.

Octomore Edition: 12.2 (PPM: 129.7) Aged: 5 Years

Octomore 12.2 follows in the footsteps of previous Sauternes legends. The now infamous Octomore 4.2 (Comus) became one of the most acclaimed and sought-aſter whiskies in the distillery’s portfolio, confirming that heavy peat smoke combined with sweet dessert wine of Sauternes is an incredible pairing.

This Octomore 12.2 would spend three and a half years in ex-American oak casks, building a solid foundation of fruity and floral spirit in our lochside warehouses before being recasked into impeccable quality Sauternes casks.

The pivotal role of the Sauternes casks would add 18 months of supercharged fruit. Melon, white peach, honeysuckle and coconut add a real twist and sweetness to compliment the peat smoke of this heavily phenolic malt.

Octomore Edition: 12.3 (PPM: 118.1) Aged: 5 Years

Octomore 12.3 is single vintage, single field, single malt. Raised in Church Field on Octomore Farm by farmer James Brown, this Islay grown barley was trickle distilled through tall narrow necked stills just two miles from where it was grown.

The terroir-driven spirit would take two separate journeys before being combined; 75% was filled into ex-American oak casks, while the remaining 25% spent five years maturing in genuine Pedro Ximenez Solera casks from Jerez-based bodega Fernando de Castilla.

This Islay barley spirit has breathed slowly and delicately for five years, its salty citrus marine note is an ode to where the barley was grown and the warehouse’s proximity to the sea. The Pedro Ximenez casks contribute sweet dried fruit notes which highlight the rich dry peat smoke of Octomore.

For more information, head over to Bruichladdich’s official website.

Octomore released its 11th editions in September 2020.