Broken Shed Vodka Launches “Vodka of Tomorrow” Campaign

Vodka of Tomorrow

Broken Shed Vodka hay announced its new U.S. creative campaign, “The Vodka of Tomorrow.” The campaign pays tribute to the vodka‘s home country by highlighting that, thanks to time zone differences, it’s already tomorrow in New Zealand.

Sustainably distilled with New Zealand mountain mineral water, spring water, highest quality whey – and nothing else – Broken Shed Vodka was “created to show the world what vodka can be, rather than what people think it should be,” says a press release. “It has the clean, crisp taste that can only come from the land where tomorrow begins.”

“We developed this new campaign to inject a little New Zealand character and give our U.S. consumers a taste of the ingenuity and forward-thinking that Kiwis are known for,” said Jean-Marie Heins, chief marketing officer of Broken Shed Vodka. “We’re expanding our footprint across the states and introducing new consumers to a smooth, modern product without any additives, sweeteners or GMOs. It’s never too early to cheers to tomorrow!”

The campaign comes as Broken Shed continues to grow its presence across the U.S. It’s now available in 25 states, following recent moves into Georgia, Kansas, and Colorado.

The campaign was developed by Broken Shed Vodka’s Chicago-based creative agency family of record, Schafer Condon Carter (SCC) and TimeZoneOne (TZO). The campaign includes creative, video, print, display, off-premise, on-premise, point-of-sale, digital marketing, website and social content, paid media and event activations.

To learn more about what makes Broken Shed Vodka the ‘world’s most unique vodka,’ visit the campaign’s official website.

Broken Shed Vodka is made in a small lake town in Wanaka, New Zealand without any artificial additives, sugars, or GMO. It’s hand-crafted with a blend of two fresh water sources and sustainable whey distillate, sourced from grass-fed cows. This year, we included the vodka in our list of best sustainable spirits.