Boe Gin Debuts Gin And Lemonade Canned Cocktails

Boe Gin and lemonade canned cocktails

Boe Gin has entered the ready-to-drink game with the release of two Gin and lemonade canned cocktails. Both offerings come in at under 80 calories, making them some of the lowest calorie RTDs available.

Boe Gin’s two new Gin and lemonade canned cocktail offerings are Boë Violet With Rose Lemonade and the tropical flavors of Boë Passionfruit With Sicilian Lemonade. Each are 25cl cans that have an ABV of 5.5%.

Boë Violet With Rose Lemonade is just 72 calories per can and blends the floral flavors of Boe’s signature Violet gin with the delicate taste and beautiful aromas of Rose Lemonade.

At 79 calories, Boë Passionfruit With Sicilian Lemonade combines the warm lingering finish of exotic fruits and vibrant colors with the citrus zest of Sicilian Lemonade.

“We’ve worked hard to ensure that our new cans are not just low on calories, but also bursting with flavour,” said Carlo Valente, director at Boë Gin. “They are a stand-out addition to the RTD market, and also look great on shelf too.” 

Earlier in the year, Boë Gin carried out research which found that more young people are enjoying Gin with lemonade over tonic, with over half of 18 to 34 year olds regularly ordering “G&L’s”. The brand also recently made the decision to create its first full-strength flavored Gin, Apple & Lime, to work better with lemonade than tonic as a delicious citrus drink.

“We know that a lot of customers already enjoy our gin with lemonade. So these cans are an enticing combination and the perfect accompaniment to any home bar this Christmas,” noted the brand in a release.

The RTD category was worth £338m in the United Kingdom off trade in 2019, growing 16% in 2019, according to WSTA.

The new products are currently available on Boe’s official website for the price of £2.25 ($2.99 USD) per can.