Black Thistle’s Green Mist Gin Hits Shelves, Offering Mysticism And Mystery

Black Thistle Distillery Green Mist Gin

Black Thistle Distilleries’ Green Mist Gin has joined the Scottish brand’s line of gorgeous mist Gins. It’s a beautiful and mysterious offering that seems to be pulled out of the tales of King Arthur and Merlin.

“Our Green Mist Gin has been handcrafted to encapsulate all that is good between the marriage of kiwi and mint; both sweet and fresh, tart and smooth, with a sprig of mint and a generous splash of tonic this gin teases your taste buds and satisfies you on every level,” says the distillery.

“Watch as your friends and family turn green with envy. Bring shimmer to your glass with our latest Green Mist Gin.”

It really is one of the more mystical and enticing tipples we’ve come across, just make sure you give it a shake before pouting to unlock the mist.

The Green Gin joins Black Thistle Distillery’s line of Mist Gins that already includes Black, Heather, and Pearl. The company also makes a Black Mist Vodka as well as a regular Gin and a regular Vodka.

Green Mist Gin comes in at 41% ABV and costs £37 ($46.50 USD). It can be purchased through the brand’s official webstore. Or, if you happen to be near the Aberdeen area, it is available at the Aberdeen Whisky Shop. No word yet on if the Gin will be available in the U.S. anytime soon.

Black Thistle Distilleries is based in Brechin, in the heart of Angus, Scotland. The region is renowned for producing fruit, vegetables, and botanicals. All of their spirits use both local and exotic ingredients to give them their unique profiles. 

It’s been a busy release week in the Gin world. Earlier this week, and just a little further south, Opihr unveiled two RTD Gin & Tonic cans. And just a little further south from there,  Buckingham Palace Gin, featuring botanicals picked from Queen Elizabeth II’s garden, hit shelves.