Bimini Gin Adds Coconut Expression

Bimini Coconut Gin

Bimini Gin has released a new expression, Bimini Coconut. The new coconut-flavored spirit from the Round Turn Distilling brand uses the same base distillate as their award-winning core Gin, delivering flavors of  soft juniper, hops, and grapefruit.

Described by the brand as “Bimini on Vacation,” Bimini Coconut was inspired by the founders seeing their friends frequently pair their base Gin with coconut. Oddly enough, the new expression points back to the original inspiration for the Gin, which was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s novel “Islands in the Stream.” Set on the Bahamian island from which the spirit gets its name, the main character (Thomas Hudson) drinks gin with coconut water, lime, and angostura bitters while relaxing in the shade on his boat. In total botanicals to be found in the new spirit include juniper, grapefruit peel, Mt. Hood hops, aromatic barley malt, coriander seed, chamomile, and orris root.

Bimini adds its coconut flavor through a process known as “fat washing.” “Bartenders have been fat-washing gin with coconut for years, but it’s a labor-intensive process,” said Round Turn Distilling cofounder, Kristina Hansen, “we decided we could make their jobs a little easier by doing the work for them and, at the same time, introducing this delicious flavor combination to the home bar.”

For their fat washing process, Hansen and cofounder Darren Case heat organic, Fair Trade Certified, extra virgin coconut oil to a liquid state, then add it to their unfiltered Gin distillate for an extended maceration. The mixture is then chilled until the coconut oil becomes solid and can be strained out. The resulting coconut flavor is natural, dry, and well balanced with the gin botanicals.

On the nose, the Gin finds subtle notes of coconut intermingling with floral juniper. Fruity juniper flavor and cooling hops resolve to citrusy grapefruit and coriander on the mid-palate, followed by dry, lingering coconut, and honey-like chamomile on the finish. 

Coming in at 47% ABV, Bimini Coconut currently on sale for $34.99 per a 750ml bottle. It is available exclusively in Maine, Massachusetts, California, and New York.