Beveland shares Doble 9, A New Range To Expand Their Rum Portfolio


Beveland Distillers has unveiled Cuban Rum brand Doble 9. The new range comprises four expressions – including a 15-year-old bottling.

Named in honour of Cuban dominoes, in which the highest chip number is nine, Doble 9 is the latest Rum brand from the Spanish company. It also has Rum brands Caracas Club and Marama under its umbrella.

The range has debuted with four expressions, including Añejo, Gran Reserva, Blanco, and a super-premium rum aged for 15 years. Each expression is bottled at 38% ABV.

Doble 9 Blanco is priced between RRP €10 ($12 USD) and €12 ($14 USD). The Rum is said to have a slight sweetness with a ‘light bitter hint and soft hot feeling in the throat’.

The Añejo bottling is priced from RRP €12 to €14 ($17 USD). Light in colour, and described as having fruity and sweety aromas, this drink is said to be best enjoyed straight or in a Cuba Libre cocktail.

Doble 9 Gran Reserva is priced up to RRP €17 ($20 USD) and is said to have light fruit aromas and ‘an almond sweet hint’. The expression is recommended served in a Creole Coffee.

Finally, Doble 9 15 Years is priced up to RRP €50 ($60 USD) and is described as having strong woody aromas, with notes of dry fruits, vanilla and coconut on the palate.

In a rum portfolio from Beveland Distillers which also includes the Marama Origins, Ron Jungla, Caracas Club, and Ron Relicario brands, Doble 9 adds to the caliber of a company of distinct tastes.

In November, Beveland Distillers launched Marama Origins Indonesian, a spiced Rum made with sugar cane from Indonesia. The offering is the result of the integration of two key elements of the Indonesian archipelago: sugar cane and the climate.

In August, Beveland released a range of Venezuelan Rums, dubbed Caracas Club. The Spanish spirits company begins the line with two varieties, Caracas Club 8 Years and Caracas Club Nectar.