Beefeater Launches Peach & Raspberry Gin

Beefeater Peach & Raspberry Gin

Beefeater is launching a Peach & Raspberry Gin in the United Kingdom. The new flavored spirit from the Pernod Ricard-owned brand was inspired by two historic recipes from founder James Burrough, who created a peach liqueur and raspberry gin in the 1800s.

Beefeater master distiller Desmond Payne developed the Peach & Raspberry Gin to offer a “slightly sweet peach flavour and burst of raspberry.” It uses the brand’s London Dry recipe as its base and adds natural peach and raspberry flavors.

“We love to experiment and James Burrough’s historic recipes provide us with a wealth of inspiration we are lucky to have,” said Payne. “Adding just a hint of peach and raspberry to Beefeater’s classic recipe, produced in our iconic London copper stills, has created another approachable flavour with a twist that’s both light and fresh, perfect for the warmer months ahead. The new flavoured gin is clearly part of the award-winning Beefeater family, whilst there is a prominent fruit aroma the overall taste is discernibly still that of classic juniper.”

Pernod Ricard currently sees the flavored Gin market as a “huge opportunity.” Flavoured gin represents a huge opportunity as it makes up 40% of premium gin in the UK and is growing +21.6%,” said Chris Shead, off-trade channel director for Pernod Ricard UK. “Beefeater Blood Orange and Beefeater Pink Strawberry are performing exceptionally well since launch. Introducing new and exciting flavours is not only a fantastic recruitment tool for the category, but also a great way to tap into different occasions and consumer taste profile needs.”

Bottled at 37.5% ABV, Beefeater Peach & Raspberry first be available at supermarket chain Asda for four weeks beginning March 25, 2021. From there, it will then be rolled out across retailers, priced at £18.99 ($26 USD).

The flavored Gin will launch in Beefeater’s new sustainable packaging. Last month, Pernod Ricard released light expressions of Beefeater and Ballantine’s Whisky.