Beefeater Celebrates Distilling Heritage With Limited Edition Book


Globally renowned gin brand Beefeater has commissioned a limited-edition book to mark 200 years since its distilling heritage began in 1820.

To capture the company’s past, present and future in the special ‘coffee table’ book, Beefeater sought the help of drinks writers Neil Ridley and Joel Harrison.

The book includes insights from Beefeater’s lauded master distiller Desmond Payne, stillmen from the Beefeater Distillery in central London, brand ambassadors and influential customers, as well as offering insights into the social and cultural history of London dry gin and the spirit in general.

Designed as a triptych; the middle section the book explores Beefeater’s history, production processes and key facts, while the front and back segments take contrasting looks at subjects that have informed the brand’s development, detailing gin trends, city environments, and the currently hot-topic of sustainability. 

Speaking of the publication, Murielle Dessenis, global brand director for Beefeater, said: 

“We are hugely proud of Beefeater’s 200-year distilling heritage and we are delighted to celebrate now because of the fantastic position Beefeater is in today.

“Beefeater continues to be loved by bartenders and gin fans all around the world and Desmond continues to help us push the boundaries of innovation and world-leading gin. This book is not a time capsule but a creative visualisation of Beefeater’s history and its future, told by those who have helped shape it.”

In addition, writers Joel Harrison and Neil Ridley said: 

“With such a vibrant history, it is easy to see how London has become the spiritual home of gin – the comfort of a cocktail at one end, the madness of the Gin Craze at the other. And it is London, this city of contrasts, that has provided the backdrop for Beefeater’s greatest moments and achievements.

“This was a fantastic project to work on as we were able to take a look at what gin means to the people behind Beefeater and to the location in which it is crafted.”

The launch of the book comes as Beefeater prepares to roll out a new marketing campaign, and as its new, more sustainable bottles have started hitting shelves worldwide.

A limited number of books will be available in key Beefeater markets globally, and copies can also be purchased by UK customers directly from Beefeater Distillery’s UK online store.