Beefeater Blood Orange Gin Comes To Canada

Beefeater Blood Orange Gin

Already a hit in the United Kingdom, Beefeater Blood Orange is now coming to Canada. The Gin category is huge in the Great White North (worth approximately $420 million) and is growing at a rate of 19.5 percent per year. So it makes since for the the award-winning British Gin brand to bring a new product to market. 

If you’re wondering, “Of all flavors, why Beefeater Blood Orange?” It’s actually a nod to the company’s history. Beefeater founder James Burrough actually distilled an Orange Gin back in 1876. He made his flavored spirit using oranges sourced from London’s iconic Covent Garden fruit market.

Today, Beefeater Blood Orange is made in London under the watchful eye of gin’s most experienced Master Distiller, Desmond Payne MBE–he’s literally done so much for the spirit that they knighted him for it.

Beefeater Blood Orange is bittersweet, juicy, and vibrant, with a striking color the company expects to appeal to the modern Gin drinker. On the nose, imbibers should expect fresh citrus and tangy blood orange. The palate is bitter sweet with blood orange, obviously, which gives way to classic notes of juniper and angelica.

Beefeater Blood Orange and Tonic

Payne said about the Gin, “Like our founder James Burrough, who created his first Orange Gin to appeal to his contemporaries almost 150 years ago, we have created this zesty new gin for the cocktail and spritz drinkers of 2020, who will love its enticing citrus aromas, bold flavours and statement shade.”

Last year, Beefeater entered the flavoured Gin market in Canada with the launch of Beefeater Pink Strawberry.

“There is a significant opportunity for flavoured gin in Canada and Beefeater is well placed, as a loved and established gin brand, to satisfy the growing consumer need,” says Aoife O’Reilly , Brand Manager, Beefeater for Canada at Corby Spirit and Wine.

Apparently, Beefeater Blood Orange is designed to be enjoyed in an Orange & Tonic, basically your go-to G&T but with the new spirit and garnished with a blood orange wheel.