Balcones Collaborate with Shiner Bock To Bring Back Texas Bock Whiskey


Balcones Distilling has announced the return of its special release, the Balcones Texas Bock whisky. Created in collaboration with Spoetzl Brewery, makers of Shiner Beer, the Texas Bock whisky honors Shiner traditions and is based on the exact recipe for Shiner Bock, all aged for three years of flavor and nuance.

Using the brewery’s mash bill and proprietary lager yeast strain, Balcones aged its Texas Bock for an additional year in American oak barrels to create a complex flavor profile based on the original Texas Bock.

First launched a year ago as part of Balcones Texas Originals series the Balcones Texas Bock whisky was an immediate and enduring hit with fans of both labels. The 2021 Texas Bock release will be the fourth collaboration between the two distinguished Texas brands. Previously, Balcones Distilling and Spoetzl Brewery partnered to develop a Barrel-Aged Bock craft beer and Barrel-Aged Spoetzl Marzen.

Speaking  in a prepared statement  on the collaboration Jared Himstedt, head distiller at Balcones Distilling said:

“Texas Bock whisky is beloved by Shiner and Balcones fans across Texas, so we were committed to releasing more of it,”

“Now, by aging the whisky another year, we’re excited for everyone to experience some deeper nuance in the product.”

Tom Fiorenzi, director of brewing at Spoetzl Brewery, said, “In addition to its love of Texas traditions, Balcones shares our dedication to quality, craftsmanship and Texas-inspired flavors, and we hope everyone enjoys the latest release of Texas Bock.”

Balcones Texas Bock retails for $44.99 and will be available at the Balcones Distillery in Waco, Texas, and at select retailers throughout Texas and Oklahoma for a limited time.

For more information, head over to Balcones’ official website.

In Juner, Balcones Distillery has unveiled two new American single malt whiskeys, Dawn and Dusk, both of which have been finished in ex-Madeira casks.