Ardbeg Unveils Whisky Formerly Buried In Peat Bog As First NFT, Fon Fhòid

Ardbeg Fon Fhòid

Ardbeg has unveiled its first single malt whisky NFT, Ardbeg Fon Fhòid. The new Scotch from the Islay-based distillery was buried in a peat bog for nearly three years.

Ardbeg buried two second-fill Bourbon casks filled with whisky in a peat bog for two years and 10 months near the distillery. The bottling takes its name from that process, meaning “under the turf” in Scottish Gaelic.

Dr Bill Lumsden, Head of Distilling and Whisky Creation, describes the whisky as “Warm, spicy and mossy, balanced by classic Ardbeg smokiness.”

On the nose, it is pungent, waxy, and salty with a curious, but distinctive, mossy note. This is then followed by a hint of molasses or sugarcane. There is also a background musty/earthy note, like walking into a damp whisky warehouse. A splash of water releases some more herbal notes, almost like asparagus or artichoke. Next comes a waxy, oily fragrance, reminiscent of a freshly waxed jacket along with a distinctive soapy aroma. The palate features a slightly drying mouthfeel followed by some savory notes, like grilled artichoke and ground pepper, along with a suggestion of rye bread. The classic Ardbeg smokiness is subdued, but always in the background, coming across as tar-coated fennel.

“I think it’s safe to say we’ve unearthed a truly special Ardbeg here,” added Dr Lumsden. “ Ardbeg Fon Fhòid is earthy and mossy with one hell of a herbal nose. Good luck to those hoping to secure some of Ardbeg’s buried treasure – I hope you land a bottle.”

Ardbeg Fon Fhòid burried

Bottled at 45.5% ABV, Ardbeg Fon Fhòid will be priced at 1 ETH, which is about $3,105 USD.

Just 456 bottles of the whisky will be released and will be available to purchase exclusively on BlockBar’s official website at 10am EST on April 19.

Successful buyers will receive a digital certificate that will verify their ownership and the authenticity of the bottle. Bottles will be stored at Block Bar’s facility in Singapore until they’re redeemed. Buyers can also trade their NFT within the blockbar.com marketplace, store the bottle in their virtual bar, or offer the NFT through the company’s new gifting platform.

Dov Falic, CEO and co-founder of Block Bar, said: “We hope whisky fans new and old will take the opportunity to join our community and discover this peaty experiment, which Block Bar will keep in perfect condition until the owners are ready to enjoy it.”

Last week, Ardbeg unveiled its limited-edition Fèis Ìle festival whisky, Ardcore.